Friday, October 27, 2006

What about the White House Role in selling out our South Capitol Mall with this idiotic baseball stadium?

My guess about the arbitrary 2008 deadline has a competing hypothesis: that it is to provide George Walker Bush, who has long been involved with Major League Baseball, the opportunity to get to throw out the first ball at the Nationals Stadium’s opening game, while he is still U.S. President.

After all, getting to throw out that 1st ball has been a customary ritual of U.S. Presidents since April 14, 1909, with U.S. President William Howard Taft.

Since George Walker Bush’s current term ends January 20, 2009, 2 months prior to the start of the 2009 baseball season, and that he is barred from a 3rd term, his last opportunity for so inaugurating monstrosity stadium is the start of the season of 2008.

Why not at least simply let him have the honor as a former President in 2009 or 2010, and save the D.C. government some of the money and hassle of this burdensome stadium contract?

It’s interesting how the White House seems to be getting away with creating an entity that can be used to subvert the 1st Amendment, including potentially by the White House, but which can’t be subpoenaed to conduct discovery upon the chain of investigation to establish political motives in a court of law.

Perhaps there was some agreement made – unreported by the mass media – between Republican party operatives and Roman Catholic Church hierarchy around 2000, to get a large massive object of a baseball stadium placed to extend St. Vincent de Paul Church’s building line southward, while giving George Walker Bush monstrosity stadium’s first throw of the ball.

Note Bush's facial expression: might he have been thinking something like: "Golly; I get to throw the first ball in the new stadium"?

Rough outline of stadium garages conflict
with the U.S. National Capitol Planning Commission's
South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall

If anyone was establishing a U.S. Department of Homeland Security consciously as a means of silencing dissent, such entities are logical subjects for questioning over the chain of command leading to government ambushing its own citizens.

And what about Washington Archbishop Theordore McCarrick (retired May 2006) and/or his successor and from below or above?

Theodore E. McCarrick

McCarrick's successor's biography:

Did either of these men “press the button” on me through U.S. Department of Homeland Security?

I don’t know, one way or the other.

What I do know:

That they are not the only people within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. Perhaps it was done by others within that hierarchy at some level or another, perhaps even from Rome? Or perhaps at a lower level?

That it is a Roman Catholic Church at the northeast corner of South Capitol and M Streets in Washington, D.C. – St. Vincent De Paul Church -- that is the most architecturally significant building along that north south corridor to the south of the SW/SE Freeway;

That there has been nothing in the media that I have found about any negotiations that occurred between government and Roman Catholic Church hierarchy regarding that Church’s future, nor the conflict with National Capitol Planning Commission’s Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall.

That Theodore McCarrick appears on the list of Catholic University of America Board of Trustees, along with Mark Tuohey, Chairman of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission. I know this from researching them via the internet, aka finding their names on the CUA web site, though I am not aware of any journalist accounts mentioning, let alone discussing, this.

It's a list that does not include McCarrick's sucessor Wuerl, but which does include New York Cardinal Eagin.

I have not seen either the names of Wuerl nor Eagin appear in anything regarding the Washington Nationals.

I do not know McCarrick’s exact role in the affairs regarding the Washington Nationals and their atrociously placed Stadium. But his name does appear with Tuohey and a list of figures staring with Condoleezza Rice, in that September 18, 2005 article in The Washington Times of wealthy baseball backers.

“It’s all about building relationships.” Mr. Tuohey said one humid night in his large suite, where he has entertained guests from Capitol Hill as well as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Eddie Johnson, coach of the Wizards. “is this a good place to do that? The answer is yes.”
Who were these "guests from Capitol Hill? The Washington Times article fails to say.

The placement of Nationals Stadium obviously essentially extends the building line of St. Vincent De Paul Church southward, blocking off the eastern half of the South Capitol Mall.

Was perhaps Theodore Lerner’s placement of his 20 M Street project a favor to McCarrick to buttress St. Vincent de Paul Church’s existing placement, perhaps so that McCarrick could use his influence to have Lerner “selected” as the owner of the Nationals? Or was this just a coincidence?

Who knows?

And what about the acquiescence of the U.S. government?

Why no accounting to the public of the identities of the government officials that sold out our South Capitol Mall?

“Severely Vindictive Nature” of RCC Hierarchy as described by those within the RCC

My recent time-line suggestive of an illegal use of U.S. Department of Homeland Security as revenge for internet writings questioning the role of Roman Catholic Church hierarchy with killing the South Capitol Mall, perks my reaction to the October 11, 2006 posting in a blog “Wispers in the Loggia” of a letter calling for the resignation of New York Archbishop Edward Egan:

October 2006

Dear Brother Priest:

A Committee of Concerned Clergy for the Archdiocese of New York has met to discuss the critical condition of the Archdiocese of New York. As you would understand, because of the severely vindictive nature of Cardinal Egan,this committee must remain anonymous. This letter is being sent to many priests throughout the Archdiocese so that at each Vicariate meeting a formal vote of “NO Confidence” can be exercised with regard to Cardinal Edward Egan in his role as Archbishop of New York. As you know, the collective memory of the presbyterate cannot recall a time in recent history when the morale of priests has been so broken and low. Some of our elderly priests can well recall the Cardinal Spellman years. Many remember the tenure of Cardinal Cooke and certainly everyone remembers Cardinal O’Connor. At no time has the relationship between the Ordinary and the priests of the Archdiocese been so fractured and seemingly hopeless as it is now.

Since his arrival in New York, the Cardinal has given his time, attention and interest to matters financial while paying little or no attention to the spiritual needs and concerns of the priests and faithful of the Archdiocese. During the last six years the Priests of the Archdiocese of New York have been patient, understanding, tolerant and loyal. Several attempts have been made to open avenues of communication with the Cardinal but to avail. During the last six years, the Cardinal’s relations with the Priests of New York have been defined by dishonesty, deception, disinterest and disregard. Far too many of our brothers can speak personally of the arrogant and cavalier manner in which they have been treated by the Cardinal. Early in his tenure, the cruel and ruthless way in which several priests who served on the seminary faculty were dismissed, was an adumbration of how many other priests would also be treated. Time and again, the Cardinal fails to be the Father that every bishop must be to his priests.

With regard to important policies and decisions that impact upon the welfare of the Archdiocese, it is evident that the Cardinal does not seek advice or counsel from the many competent and experienced priests who so faithfully serve as pastors and members of his chancery staff. Instead, it is regrettably and seemingly apparent that the Cardinal relies on the advice of his priest-secretary [Msgr Gregory Mustaciuolo] who enjoys a most limited and meager pastoral experience.

The Fifth Anniversary of September 11th was a sad reminder of the Cardinal’s decision to leave New York only two days after the attack, during a time when the city desperately needed a spiritual leader. How sad, painful and disappointing it was to hear the tabloids referring to the then Mayor Giuliani as the “Shepherd of the City”. Since that time, the Cardinal has continued to fail in his role as Shepherd. Pope John Paul II referred to New York as the Capital of the World. How unfortunate it is that the voice of the Archbishop of New York is almost never heard in that “Capital”. The Cardinal demonstrates an unnatural fear of the media and he forfeits the great opportunity to employ the media as a means of addressing the many contemporary questions of faith and morals. It is unthinkable that in this millennium a Successor to the Apostles would shrink from such a valuable opportunity for evangelization and hide himself within the walls of his residence.

Sadly, it is evident that this Cardinal is unable to deal with the complexities, problems and challenges of an Archdiocese of the magnitude and diversity of New York. For these reasons and more, the Priests of the Archdiocese of New York must express a vote of NO CONFIDENCE. Such a vote would encourage the Papal Nuncio and the Holy Father to strongly consider accepting the Cardinal’s resignation in April,2007, when he reaches the age of retirement, rather than at a future and uncertain date before his 80th birthday, as can often be the case with retiring Cardinals. The search for a new Archbishop should begin sooner rather than later. Rome must know that the priests and people of New York desperately need a Bishop who will be “strong, loving and wise” (II Timothy: 1:7): a Bishop who will love his priests, seeing them as his spiritual sons and faithful assistants: a Bishop who will begin the healing that is so desperately needed in this Archdiocese: a Bishop who will preach and teach without fear of seeing his name in a newspaper: a Bishop who will truly see holiness in Truth.

The Committee suggests that at each vicariate meeting a secret ballot be taken in which each priest who is present could vote. It was thought that only priests and no deacons should participate in this vote. The votes should be counted at that meeting and the tally registered on the enclosed form. The form should be signed by two witnesses and a copy sent to each of the Vicars General. It would be incumbent upon the Vicars General to report the vote to the Papal Nuncio. At this important and critical moment, let us move forward with prayerful courage.

After prayeful consideration, I cast my vote as:

NO CONFIDENCE in Cardinal Egan: _____

CONFIDENCE in Cardinal Egan:_____



Each Vicariate should send a copy of this form to each of the Vicars General-

Vicariate: ____________________________

Date of Meeting:________________________

Number of Priests in attendance: ____________

Number voting - NO CONFIDENCE: __________

Number voting – CONFIDENCE: _____________

Number voting – ABSTENTION: _____________

These vote was taken and counted in the presence of all those in attendance at the Vicariate meeting.
Witnessed by:

___________________ __________________

“… because of the severely vindictive nature of Cardinal Egan, this committee must remain anonymous …”

Indeed. From my perspective, look what happens to someone who uses his real name!

So we are to become a nation of people afraid to link their names to their writings, lest some powerful well connected entity get to sic the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on them with warrant less searches of any electronically stored data.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security surely is an effective means to potentially render the general citizenry as blackmail able as a career politician.

This will especially be felt later for those born into the internet age. Just imagine having everything you’ve written accessible forever because you typed it into an electronic device- email, IM, web sites, search engines, on line dating and pornography services, anything.

Vindictiveness of RCC in the electronic age of US Department of Homeland Security

2006 Timeline:

February 5, 2006

I make a private email to an internet writer of stadium issues, Neil De Mause, of Fields of Schemes, questioning “certain institutions” for mucking up the planning of our Nation’s Capital for greed.

March 8, 2006

I begin receiving email from Verio, my internet service provider for my web sites and
with an invoice problem upping my $29.95 monthly charge to $599.00

March 17, 2006

I made a public post questioning the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the planning for South Capitol Street in response to a misleading post by Neil De Mause on yahoo.stadiums.newsgroups.

--- wrote: > 6.
Field of Schemes Update: D.C. development> to lag behind stadium> From:> > Message: 6
Date: 17 Mar 2006 15:48:46 -0000 From:
neil@demause.netSubject: Field of Schemes

Update: D.C. development to lag behind stadium (snip)

Before condos are built and stores opened, major transportation improvements are necessary, including a $20 million renovation of the Navy Yard Metro station.The D.C. Department of Transportation is about to spend $625 million to expand South Capitol Street and rebuild the Frederick Douglass Bridge.---

Neil: South Capitol Street is to be

This is news to me as every report that I have seen shows theplanners retaining the existing narrow (30') streetright of way width, as I have pointed out to you and others with my web site on that area's planning at:

That planning decision was ostensibly done to save dwellings to the west of South Capitol Street; however these are shown removed and replaced by much larger buildings in National Capitol Planning Commission’s2005 report. That decision will deny any linear greenway for South Capitol Street; it will complicate if not stop the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative plans for a parallel vehicular tunnel.

That decisions’ primary beneficiary are the owners of the one and only significant building along this corridor that will survive the redevelopment: the Archdiocese of Washington's St. Paul de Vincent Church at the northeast quadrant of South Capitol and M Streets.

Note that in my interpretation of the Legacy greenway concept, that I have that Church structure retained at its historic context at this intersection, with itsstructure shifted several hundred feet to the east to accommodate the greenway and tunnel. Stuff like this has already been done: in 1969 the oldest Jewish synagogue was moved 5 blocks to accommodate WMATAsubway construction.

Here's something I would like your help on. In the past, where there have been such conflicts, one can find newspaper articles, such as the D.C. I-395 routing north of K Street that is curved to avoid the Bibleway Church on New Jersey Avenue, and the aborted1960 plans to route I-95 into D.C. through the Catholic Sisters properties. But I can not find a single newspaper article on the role of the Roman Catholic Church authorities in the planning for the South Capitol Street, even though I have been told by fellow attendees at the National Building Museum that individuals from the Archdioceseof Washington, did express their absolute opposition to any moving of the St. Vincent De Paul Church structure.

Could you and any one else, please indicate what news accounts exist about this. It would definitely make an excellent and extremely appropriate story for a Neil de Mause Field's of Schemes write-up.


Douglas A. Willinger
(the web site about the botching of the planning forSouth
Capitol Street)

That received no reply; to the best of my knowledge, Neil de Mause has yet to write any such story either in stadiums@yahoo.groups, nor in his Field of Schemes web site. I find this notable since de Mause had contacted me hours after my initial September 2004 internet posts about the stadium blocking the South Mall, expressing interest in this story.

March 28, 2006

My “PATRIOT” Act - U.S. Department of Security ID-financial file is checked out by someone (I don’t know who). I found this out upon opening a bank account recently.

“PATRIOT” may mean “Pry And Treat Roughly In Our Turf”?

March 29, 2006

I start my blog with the post Choices.”

Strange automobiles begin appearing in my family’s house driveway; we (my Mother and myself) have seen what appear to be airport taxi (un-stretched limo) pulled all the way down the driveway, past the sidewalk to the front door where he could be seen from inside the house, to a blind spot next to the garage doors and operating a lap top computer; my mother goes out to inquire, the driver says he is looking for “Mr. Brown” and speeds off.

This is the first happening of this in 6 years at that address, and such misplaced automobiles begin to show up intermittingly through Spring and into the Summer.

April – July 2006

I make numerous posts about the South Capitol Street corridor planning, with some of these mentioning the St. Vincent de Paul Church.

July 22, 2006

At 11.11 AM, I make a post “Physical Realities”.

It shows the St. Vincent DePaul Roman Catholic Church and the new office building going up behind it at 20 M Street SE preventing the church building’s easiest relocation, owned by the man who was selected to purchase the Washington Nationals baseball franchise, juxtapositioned with the man over the St. Vincent de Paul Church, Theodore Lerner and Theodore McCarrick.

5 hours later, my mother opens and steps outside the front door and sees a strange automobile stopping in front, with the driver staring and pointing directly at our house; he speeds off.

(The house is on a dead end street, making it easier to notice such vehicles).

This was not a daily experience during the blog’s 4 month, 6 day duration of posts. But it became an occurrence shortly after whenever I made a post spot lighting St. Vincent de Paul Church.

The ambush itself occurred at about 2:30 AM, August 5, 2006.

Because of the timing of things, including my blog’s post of July 22, 2006 “Physical Realities” which includes a photo of Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (who retired May 2006), and the simple fact that St. Vincent de Paul Church is a Roman Catholic Church, this suggests to me that the entity that I have pissed off is the Roman Catholic Church.

The fact that no one else touches this South Capitol Mall issue – that it has gone entirely unreported by the “mainstream” media as if the issue was taboo to report or discuss -- adds to this outlook. So does the following.

The Total Lack of Media Coverage of this Church-Mall conflict

This blogger can’t find a single mass media news report of anything regarding a possible opposition by Roman Catholic Church officials to moving St. Vincent de Paul Church, nor a decision to accede to such a position.

All of the newspaper reports about the South Capitol Street re-development somehow get around even mentioning St. Vincent de Paul Church despite it being by far that corridor’s nicest building. Remarkably this includes both The Washington Post and The Washington Times.

This lack of media coverage differs from previous such instances of conflicts which the newspapers did report. I found these examples in my work as public internet historian of Washington, D.C.’s un-built highways as creator of the Takoma Park Highway Design Studio web site at

Two such examples involve different segments of I-95 through Washington, D.C.: its northernmost segment from the 1960 engineering study’s proposed route through Catholic Sisters College, and the downtown Center Leg’s routing north of K Street in the vicinity of New Jersey and New York Avenue, re-designed with a tunneled curve to the northwest to avoid the Bibleway Church.

1960 I-95 Northeast Freeway at Catholic Sisters

I-95 (I-395) curve to avoid Bibleway Church

Although I could easily see this reason for this curve, I found newspaper accounts of public pleas from named people at Bibleway Church confirming his, as I did with that regarding Catholic Sisters College. Both The Washington Post and The Washington Star (which ended publication in 1981, one year prior to the 1982 introduction of The Washington Times) did their expected jobs, unlike later with the non-reporting of the South Capitol Mall, its opposition and demise.

The Roman Catholic Church as the largest political institution in Europe and the Americas

It has 100s of millions of members of varying persuasions.

It’s undeniably large enough to have plausibly infiltrated the mainstream media and all of the environmentalist groups to blackout the issue.

Notably, some of these environmentalist groups are linked or controlled by wealthy individuals over various other social concern organizations with a pattern of support consistent with Vatican causes, such as the supposed great concern for the refugee peoples of the 1940s during and after WWII reflected by their political use of a Palestinian non-recognition of Israel resulting from the 800,000 war time refugees, but belied by their disregard for just about everyone else driven from their homes if not murdered during the mid 1900s, such as the 100s of millions from the Pakistan-India conflict over Kashmir, or the 10s of millions of East Europeans.

The Roman Catholic Church has had a long history in Europe of opposing free speech (indeed, of even reading a Bible), reacting with fear with the development of different modes of communication, such as the printing press. And it has a long history of adopting such later, such as through such well-known figures as William Randolph Hearst.

20 M Street by Lerner Enterprises Physical Realities

Owned by Theodore Lerner,
“selected” to buy the Washington Nationals MLB franchise

However, this new building which started construction about September 2005, directly behind St. Vincent de Paul Church, is perfectly situated to block the idea of this easiest relocation. Note the rear of St. Vincent de Paul Church to the left in this rendering.

20 M Street web site:

Lerner Enterprises web site:

20 M Street is a project owned by Lerner Enterprises, which is headed by Theodore Lerner, born in 1925 in Washington, D.C. His “selection” as owner of the Washington Nationals baseball team franchise that will run the new Nationals Stadium being built directly 2 blocks to the south on this same -- east -- side of South Capitol Street, was announced May 4, 2006.

Theodore E. McCarrick, Ph.D., D.D.Cardinal Archbishop of Washington Dioceses, which runs St. Vincent de Paul Church.

McCarrick, Born July 7, 1930 in New York City, was installed as Archbishop of Washington on January 2, 2001. He retired from that position on May 16, 2006.

Official Washington Archdioceses biography at:

Theodore McCarrick is listed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. NE, along with Mark Tuohey, of the Washington, D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission at:

Board of Trustees*

Carl A. Anderson, New Haven, Conn.
Richard D. Banziger, New York, N.Y.
Nancy J. Bidwill, Phoenix, Ariz.
Bertha S.Braddock, Alexandria, Va.
Bishop Michael J. Bransfield, Wheeling, W.Va.
Archbishop Raymond L. Burke , St. Louis, Mo.
Timothy R. Busch, Esq., Irvine, Calif.
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Denver, Colo.
Paul J. Chiapparone, Frisco, Texas
Robert F. Comstock, Esq., Washington, D.C.
Robert E. Craves, Issaquah, Wash.
Robert J. Crimmins, Huntington, N.Y.
Bishop Edward P. Cullen, Allentown, Pa.
Leo A. Daly III, Washington, D.C.
Bishop Daniel N. DiNardo, Houston, Texas
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Milwaukee, Wis.
David A. Donohoe, Esq., Vice Chairman, Washington, D.C.
Bishop Thomas G. Doran, Rockford, Ill.
Cardinal Edward M. Egan, New York, N.Y.
Archbishop John C. Favalora, Miami Shores, Fla.
Frederick R. Favo, Oakmont, Pa.
Sister Margaret Mary Fitzpatrick, S.C., Sparkill, N.Y.
Archbishop Harry J. Flynn, St. Paul, Minn.
Cardinal Francis E. George, O.M.I., Chicago, Ill.
Stephanie Germack-Kerzic, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.
Archbishop José H. Gomez, San Antonio, Texas
Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, Atlanta, Ga.
Ray J. Hillenbrand, Rapid City, S.D.
Michael P. Hoffman, New York, N.Y.
Cardinal William H. Keeler, Baltimore, Md.
Bishop William E. Lori, Chairman, Bridgeport, Conn.
Cardinal Roger Mahony, Los Angeles, Calif.
Cardinal Adam J. Maida, Detroit, Mich.
Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, Chancellor, Washington, D.C.
William A. McKenna Jr., Saugerties, N.Y.
Sandra A. McMurtrie, Bethesda, Md.
Bishop William F. Murphy, Rockville Centre, N.Y.
Archbishop John J. Myers, Newark, N.J.
Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., President, Washington, D.C.
Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., Boston, Mass.
William G. Parrett, New York, N.Y.
Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, Las Vegas, Nev.
Neil J. Rauenhorst, Tampa, Fla.
Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, Philadelphia, Pa.
Andrea Roane, Washington, D.C.
Monsignor Walter R. Rossi, Washington, D.C.
Timothy C. Scheve, Towson, Md.
Rodger D. Shay, Miami, Fla.
Mark H. Tuohey III, Esq., Washington, D.C.
Bishop Allen H. Vigneron, Oakland, Calif.
Frank G. Persico, Secretary of the Board, Fulton, Md.

Although my South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall blog’s published posts had not identified McCarrick as having anything to do with this atrocious Stadium deal, and only as guardian or master if the church structure in question, McCarrick’s name does appear alongside Tuohey’s and a list of figures staring with Condoleezza Rice, in a September 18, 2005 article in The Washington Times of wealthy baseball backers:

And if you have nibbled on lamb chops in D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission Chairman Mark Tuohey’s private suite, you know you’re not in Baltimore anymore, eating soggy crab cakes and dreading that hour long ride home. (Mr. Tuohey also brought up a truckload of hotdogs and serves them to his guests. He also gives them to the team after each game.)

Washington finally has a new venue for schmoozing and deal-making, and by all accounts, the results have been formidable.

“It’s all about building relationships.” Mr. Tuohey said one humid night in his large suite, where he has entertained guests from Capitol Hill as well as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Eddie Johnson, coach of the Wizards. “is this a good place to do that? The answer is yes.”

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan and his wife, TV journalist Andrea Mitchell, recently sat behind home plate as guests of journalists Al Hunt and Judy Woodruff. Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, has sat on the hard orange seats. So have White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Mary Matalin and President Bush’s political architect, Karl Rove. (Mr. Bush himself has attended two games, sitting in the President’s box.) Miss Rice bought her own season tickets ($40 each for 81 home games) and has a prime view in the 100 section between home and third base.

Illustration: crop from 2002 D.C. Baseball stadium study with St. Vincent de Paul Church shown as the sole surviving existing building along South Capitol Street's east side, and with the Nationals Stadium essentially extending this church structure’s front building line southward to block the South Capitol Mall.

Archbishop Theodore McCarrick at the (West) Mall, April 2006
photo from The New York Times

Moving Religious Structures to Accommodate Public Infrastructure

In 1969, the Adas Israel Synagogue – Washington, D.C.’s oldest extant Synagogue, was moved about 4 blocks to make room for WMATA rail construction, and placed next to the I-395 (then I-95) Center Leg.

Relocating St. Vincent de Paul Church for a more dignifed setting

Moving St. Vincent de Paul Church about 250' east would preserve its historic standing at the north-east corner of South Capitol and M Streets, accomodating the South Capitol Mall and providing a more dignified setting for everyone.

The Angled Roadways


The angle of these roadways (above) appears to just miss the William Syphax School on the east side of Half Street SW between O and P Streets.


The 2001 version appears to extend further south upon existing land. Note the tower at upper right, suggestive of a 250’ or so relocation of the St. Vincent DePaul Church.

The Future South of the U.S. Capitol

St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul Church
Photo by Jacqueline Dupree

The sole building likely to survive the re-development, and the most architecturally significant building directly in the path of the South Capitol Mall.

Built 1903; opened to the public, April 1904

What I was writing about ...


Years of planning by U.S. N.C.P.C. during the 1990s developed a consensus to build a South Capitol Mall, before ...






2003 Option A

2003 Option B

2003 Option C

July, 2003 The Southwester, cir. 9,000

Dwellings along Carrollsburg Place SW
The "reason" for canceling western portion of South Capitol Mall,
yet the accompanying illustrations may show these removed anyway,
replaced with new real estate development.




Post 2001 Planning: $460 billion US Department of Homeland Security

What it is: Established in reaction to the events of September 11, 2001, by something called the "PATRIOT" Act, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is an umbrella agency encompassing the host of previously established government agencies to collect and coordinate data on the general citizenry. Combines the data to research people, including all electronic communications, including cell phones and email, and finances. Occurs with a Bush Administration initiative for the Internal Revenue Service to lower the radar to steal money from more and more small people to help fund the government’s wars; possibly this will be used also to fund the operation and expansion of this U.S. Department of Homeland Security, creating a perpetual incentive to sic the IRS on a greater portion of the general population.

Especially because it will do this without warrant – hence conducting illegal searches under the U.S. Constitution’s 4th Amendment -- people are concerned that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s data mining operations may be used for political reasons to silence dissent. Perhaps the silence about the planning demise of the South Capitol Mall testifies to the likelihood of this, for it’s like people are afraid to discuss it.

At $460 billion (and counting), with 250,000 (hired summer 2006) employees, (1 monitor per 1,200 citizens, to snoop without warrant through everyone’s electronic communications at the whim of God-Knows-Who or What, this new vast net against the general public is somehow seen as more important in stopping people from flying plans into buildings then securing aircraft cockpit and providing for electronically recommandeering any such hijacked aircraft.

People tell me that the government does not permit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to answer subpoenas, even from defendants potentially facing prison.

Future South Capitol Mall rendering 1992

Future South Capitol Nationals Stadium rendering 2006

South Capitol Mall Blogger Ambushed

What’s Happened:

After putting out this blog for just over 4 months about the U.S. government’s betrayal of its 1990s-2001 promise for a Washington, D.C. South Capitol Street-Frederick Douglass Mall, about 20+ black suited criminal police, including Federal, ambush me upon false pretext (non-existent traffic violations: law enforcement via bearing false wittness) … one of these officers comments to me that he has been “researching” me …
[and the police video was "just grey static"]

I have no previous criminal record.

There is a timeline that suggests this was triggered through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security by those displeased with my writings questioning the role of Roman Catholic Church hierarchy in the planning for the South Capitol Street corridor, particularly regarding an apparent opposition to any relocation of that corridor’s sole nice building in the right of way for the new park: St. Vincent DePaul Church.

This issue has not been reported in the media.

My August 5, 2006 ambush, un-reported in a local newspaper police blotter, occurred days before the famous Diggs decision regarding U.S. Department of Homeland Security warrant less searches of international communications. The Washington Post and MSNBC did a good start that following week on reporting on this $460 billion boondoggle of the U.S. government’s en mass spying upon the general public that following week.

Description: In the first federal challenge ever argued against the Bush administration's NSA spying program, U.S. District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor rules that the program to monitor the phone calls and e-mails of millions of Americans without warrants is unconstitutional. Calling for a halt to this abuse of presidential power, Judge Taylor states that "[t]here are no hereditary Kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution," so all the president's "inherent powers" must derive from the Constitution.

However, such media coverage of this mass surveilance was quickly truncated by the “fluff” story of a contrived “confession” of the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey in 1996, best known for being dressed up by her 1977 West Virginia beauty pageant winner mother in numerous such events for children.
The mainstream media spent hundred of hours on this “story” of John M. Karr, with official prosecutors spending tens of thousands of dollars exploring his claim, before refuting it by testing his DNA.

Weeks later, the mainstream media continues to waste band-width on this story, all serving to waste the general public’s time as a distraction from more important matters.

Larry King Show October 16, 2006

In the time since, a higher court has granted a request by the Bush Administration to allow the NSA to violate Judge Digg's decision during their appeal to over turn it permanently.

And months later, the suit is quashed due to a "lack of standing."

More on the dirty deal to abort D.C.'s South Capitol Mall