Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012- March 31

Here we are- at the end of the first 1/4 of 2012- perhaps the year the world shall end as we know it - hopefully as a positive change from the dynamics of a secreted ancient regime working to better itself at the expense of everyone else.

Government continues to grow, in the wrong ways.

We have a Pentagon that, in order to extract revenge for the events of September 11, 2001 taking some 3,000 lives, taking in revenge many many more.

Interested in surveilling the general public, as it has become technologically way more feasible on a mass scale via the internet and other nets -- aka involving financial transactions -- and transportation surveillance and of course cell phones serving as real time tracking devices since about 2002.

Interested in a Ariel program of increasingly small drones to surveil and kill. Couple that ability with a lack of oversight with surveilling people for political reasons, and we have a government -- or more correctly a government with in a government now capable of killing people without repercussions- oh you'll get various account of people succumbing to strange bug bites.

It shall be an ability that becomes increasingly plausible with the de-mechanisization of things -- say of direct mechanical connections, such as the links in one's automobile's steering linkage, replaced with drive by wire or wireless electronic steering with the actual steering by a set of solenoids, computer controlled of course, and hence hackable where previously secure. Others have already noted the morbid potential:

Yet uninterested in any matters of civilian defense, and nothing more than lip service to the idea of improved evacuation route capacity.
If the ICC is truly intended to boast "Homeland Security", then additional analysis (in a SDEIS) is needed to determine the feasibility and need for reviving the 1950s era proposal for extending Interstate 70 South (the original name or I-270) inside the Beltway to downtown DC. This proposed road would run through Northwest Washington, near the new headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security (at the former Naval Security Station, next to American University).
It appears that there are interests with significantly disproportionate influence not only within and near Washington, D.C., but also the N.Y. metropolitan area, including Long Island powerful enough to topple politicians.

People are still easily mislead.

"Limited Government" "social" "conservatives" want to continue the expense and heartbreak of the wars foreign and domestic. Who don't want to question the degree and the expense of the revenge, cloaking everything in an intellectually sticky sweet syrup of "American 'Exceptional-ism'" as the stuff to make the bitter palatable that nature provides to warn us of the trap of this hubris much as Germany was set up to loose during the 1900s.

Nor do they dare calculate the true costs of that cigarette pharmaceutical market protection racket known as the war on drugs overseas and here imprisoning and robbing people for challenging the markets in cigarets and pharma.

Strangely yet predictably, so the openly pro big government "progressives".

"Progressives" consider transport infrastructure as "boondoggles" while saying little or nothing about the drug war. Methinks it has much to do with various propaganda campaigns as 'fund mass transit by cancelling freeways' without regard to the latter system -- consider how I-395 in Washington, D.C. dumps out onto New York Avenue, making people assume that the U.S. is somehow too poor to afford both freeways and WMATA rail, particularly in the Capital City.

Both "Occupy" and "Tea Party" display similar dynamics. Neither wants to address the criminal drug war.

Its all about 'crackpot sloganeering'

The Dynamics of "Mainstream" Media are likewise terrible.

More of a fear of independent bloggers then previously, with an increasingly negative spin against bloggers fading into a general policy to deliberately ignore such, unless involving something trivial, say a You Tube video of a dancing pet, which seem to get strangely inflated hits considering the lack of advertising. Should not deep matters involving political dynamics be more of a focus for a populace so satisfied? Should not even basic physical realities, say a matter of a new road infrastructure project to bring new potentials, matter more than say a dancing pet? Yet cruise the internet and see the comments sections of different articles about different things to see what people comment about and what they don't.

After Presidential election after election after election anyone should be able to discern the dynamics of a series of insincere controlled men

We have a successful campaign against the SOPA bill, while the one on indefinite detention continues.

We have people who have been illegally targeted by criminal law enforcement, including those as myself back in 2006 for being the only person on the internet spotlighting the stadium deal in Washington D.C. blocking the South Capitol Mall (with the D.C. City Council reversing their vote, in a closed door midnight session).

We then had a president beholden to the Continuing Ancient Regime and its Great Political Distraction for the Masses of the Colosseum Culture.

Why do you think they ignore the freeways while fawning over stadium projects for the sake of erecting high caliber sky boxes?

Yet despite the interest shown in the abuse potential of the government's vast new surveillance powers, such as on the Keith Obermann show, no one in within the mainstream media showed any visible indication of reviewing my story or any other such story regarding such implausibilities.

We have a Pentagon destined to get us into trouble overseas, spawning cascading waves of revenge, for the sake of a foreign power's wars of religion that we are best to stay out of. As in Yugoslavia during the 1990s.

And we have a Pentagon that does not give a sh*t about civil defense, evacuations routes or even the continuous nature to be expected of our highway system, bowing to a disgusting politicization of the main road to the north, a planning process clearly botched to generate opposition, at the time of JFK's assassination, with the undeniable effect of poisoning popular opinion against that highway being anywhere near Catholic University of America, of a so-called "white mans road through black mans homes". A Pentagon-basement project blog "Commuter Outrage" would cease publication upon being called out on the matter of transportation corridor chock- the increasingly common practice of allowing real estate development to intrude on right of way expansion areas needed for bringing such vital arteries as New York's I-87 Major Deegan Expressway to modern specifications (12 foot lanes, shoulders etc). Or for constructing D.C. 270E/95 as a cut and cover reconstruction of the B&O Metro Branch RR/CSX WMATA Red Line.

Indeed, it is the continuing post 911 elitism against improved evacuation route capacity that was my initial post event tip off against the official story on 911, along with the jump to go for the most expensive and intrusive modes of response -- mass surveillance and costly wars -- and the implausibility of a supposed novice terrorist hijacker being able to fly a 757 at near ground level into the side of the Pentagon most difficult to hit owing to the topography and the side least occupied.

The relative lack of attention to simpler concepts of hardened cockpits and aircraft remote control, along with some of the alternate hypothesis presented to explain 911 as deliberate distractions and strawmen to attempt to discredit questioning the official story - speak volumes about the Pentagon's true loyalties, as belied by a program of such false fronts .