Friday, October 27, 2006

And what about Washington Archbishop Theordore McCarrick (retired May 2006) and/or his successor and from below or above?

Theodore E. McCarrick

McCarrick's successor's biography:

Did either of these men “press the button” on me through U.S. Department of Homeland Security?

I don’t know, one way or the other.

What I do know:

That they are not the only people within the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy. Perhaps it was done by others within that hierarchy at some level or another, perhaps even from Rome? Or perhaps at a lower level?

That it is a Roman Catholic Church at the northeast corner of South Capitol and M Streets in Washington, D.C. – St. Vincent De Paul Church -- that is the most architecturally significant building along that north south corridor to the south of the SW/SE Freeway;

That there has been nothing in the media that I have found about any negotiations that occurred between government and Roman Catholic Church hierarchy regarding that Church’s future, nor the conflict with National Capitol Planning Commission’s Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall.

That Theodore McCarrick appears on the list of Catholic University of America Board of Trustees, along with Mark Tuohey, Chairman of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission. I know this from researching them via the internet, aka finding their names on the CUA web site, though I am not aware of any journalist accounts mentioning, let alone discussing, this.

It's a list that does not include McCarrick's sucessor Wuerl, but which does include New York Cardinal Eagin.

I have not seen either the names of Wuerl nor Eagin appear in anything regarding the Washington Nationals.

I do not know McCarrick’s exact role in the affairs regarding the Washington Nationals and their atrociously placed Stadium. But his name does appear with Tuohey and a list of figures staring with Condoleezza Rice, in that September 18, 2005 article in The Washington Times of wealthy baseball backers.

“It’s all about building relationships.” Mr. Tuohey said one humid night in his large suite, where he has entertained guests from Capitol Hill as well as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Eddie Johnson, coach of the Wizards. “is this a good place to do that? The answer is yes.”
Who were these "guests from Capitol Hill? The Washington Times article fails to say.

The placement of Nationals Stadium obviously essentially extends the building line of St. Vincent De Paul Church southward, blocking off the eastern half of the South Capitol Mall.

Was perhaps Theodore Lerner’s placement of his 20 M Street project a favor to McCarrick to buttress St. Vincent de Paul Church’s existing placement, perhaps so that McCarrick could use his influence to have Lerner “selected” as the owner of the Nationals? Or was this just a coincidence?

Who knows?

And what about the acquiescence of the U.S. government?

Why no accounting to the public of the identities of the government officials that sold out our South Capitol Mall?

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