Monday, November 05, 2007

The Wobble Effect- of Politics:

What’s Really Driving this Surrendering Liberty to Fear

The Wobble Effect refers to how astronomers search for the planets they can't see directly, by observing the “wobble” upon the stars they orbit . By observing the seen – the star – they can "see" the unseen – the planets – by observing the latter’s effect upon the former. As such wobble is caused by gravity, and gravity is caused by rotating mass, a star's "wobble" indicates the presence of such planets.

This is definitely applicable to how our political system is run.

It is most obvious when politicians alter their stances to be synchronized with the wishes of the most powerful though not necessarily visible

I must wonder about looking at news as:

- A U.S. Congress of supposed pro civil liberties Democrats and pro small government Republicans, that voted in the PATRIOT Act, granting the federal government massive surveillance powers over the general public in all ways electronic including financial records, without oversight, within weeks of 911 with little or no debate.

- Such Democrats who shall vote in favor of a USAG that runs around questions about torture, namely Chuck Schumar and Diane Feinstein.

- Such Republicans who vote in favor of a USAG that runs around questions about torture, whether those sanctioning torture, such as Guiliani, Thompson and ROMnEy, or those claiming to oppose torture, such as McCain.

- Democrats and Republicans ignoring even a majority of people favoring some degree of Marijuana legalization, and voting to continue the 'drug war'

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