Friday, October 27, 2006

The Roman Catholic Church as the largest political institution in Europe and the Americas

It has 100s of millions of members of varying persuasions.

It’s undeniably large enough to have plausibly infiltrated the mainstream media and all of the environmentalist groups to blackout the issue.

Notably, some of these environmentalist groups are linked or controlled by wealthy individuals over various other social concern organizations with a pattern of support consistent with Vatican causes, such as the supposed great concern for the refugee peoples of the 1940s during and after WWII reflected by their political use of a Palestinian non-recognition of Israel resulting from the 800,000 war time refugees, but belied by their disregard for just about everyone else driven from their homes if not murdered during the mid 1900s, such as the 100s of millions from the Pakistan-India conflict over Kashmir, or the 10s of millions of East Europeans.

The Roman Catholic Church has had a long history in Europe of opposing free speech (indeed, of even reading a Bible), reacting with fear with the development of different modes of communication, such as the printing press. And it has a long history of adopting such later, such as through such well-known figures as William Randolph Hearst.

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