Sunday, December 30, 2007

RFID Chips in Drivers' Licenses

(Radio Frequency IDentification)

An easy, unaccountable means for tracking dissidents ...

Arizona, Michigan, Vermont and Washington to be 1st States within the U.S. to betray automobile traveler privacy by installing RFID tracking chips in peoples' drivers licenses, readable within 30 feet via roadside readers. This is being done on a volunteer basis for now. More ...

Think about all of the post 2001 upgrading to interstate highway truck weighing stations.

According to this site, RFID chips were invented in 1969, and patented in 1972. They are dynamic, that is they transmit and receive, but avoiding the need for batteries by essentially listening for a certain frequency that instructs it to transmit an ID code. As of now, their price has dropped to 50 cent apiece. They are being installed in a greater number of consumer goods, including Michelin tires, and may soon be included in Euro money notes.

What will be next, mandatory RFID chips in IDs, license plates and ...?

This company promotes RFID chips in license plates.

The U.S. REAL ID Act mandates that the various States within the U.S. adopt standards for IDs including connecting data bases, and granting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security "unfetted authority to design state ID cards and driver's licenses. Among the possibilities: biometric information such as retinal scans, fingerprints, DNA data and RFID tracking."

Countdown to REAL ID (May 11, 2008)

They can also be installed in people, as shown in this video.

RFID books

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Senator Kennedy: The President's self-serving attempt to avoid legal and political accountability

From Electronic Freedom Foundation:

[From], Senator Ted Kennedy (MA), who introduced the original FISA intelligence oversight legislation 30 years ago:

Think about what we’ve been hearing from the White House in this debate. The President has said that American lives will be sacrificed if Congress does not change FISA. But he has also said that he will veto any FISA bill that does not grant retroactive immunity. No immunity, no new FISA bill. So if we take the President at his word, he is willing to let Americans die to protect the phone companies. The President’s insistence on immunity as a precondition for any FISA reform is yet another example of his disrespect for honest dialogue and for the rule of law.

It’s painfully clear what the President’s request for retroactive immunity is really about. It’s a self-serving attempt to avoid legal and political accountability and keep the American public in the dark about this whole shameful episode. Like the CIA’s destruction of videotapes showing potentially criminal conduct, it’s a desperate attempt to erase the past.

Along with the criminal apostate U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Commonwealth of Virginia with the police video being "just grey static" during the testilied supported criminal law enforcement search and seizure of August 5, 2006- violating the 4th amendment in order to violate the 1st amendment.
The aborted, un-reported South Capital Mall

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mukasey Signals He'll Be a Strong Bush Assett

The New York Times published an article on December 20, 2007 titled "Mukasey Signals He'll Be a Strong Bush Advocate"


In what was billed as a major policy speech on Wednesday to a panel of the American Bar Association, Mr. Mukasey suggested that lawmakers who opposed legislation before Congress to broaden eavesdropping powers — and to offer legal protection for telephone utilities that cooperate — were undermining the ability to deal with terrorist threats.

“We’ve seen what happens when terrorists go undetected,” he said. “We have to do everything possible within the law to prevent terrorists from translating their warped beliefs into action. To stop them, we have to know their intentions, and one of the best ways to do that is by intercepting their communications.”

He used the speech to step up the call for telephone utilities to have legal immunity for their past cooperation with the eavesdropping without warrants by the National Security Agency.

In recent days, Mr. Mukasey has also upset Congressional Democrats by saying he would refuse to share information about the Justice Department’s investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s destruction of tapes of the interrogation of top figures of Al Qaeda.

Mr. Mukasey wrote in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that he was only following tradition in declining to reveal “nonpublic” information to Congress about a potential criminal investigation. ...

The White House and Mr. Mukasey are pressing Congress to approve bills to make permanent a broad expansion of the National Security Agency’s wiretapping and eavesdropping and provide legal protection to phone utilities.

On Monday, Senate Democrats announced that they would put off any vote on the measures until next year, a setback for the administration.

Mr. Mukasey said it was crucial that the utilities have immunity from suits that accuse them of violating customers’ privacy rights and that ask them for billions of dollars in penalities.

“We simply cannot afford to discourage the private sector from helping us to detect and prevent the next terrorist attack,” he said. “Such companies deserve our gratitude, not litigation.”

Legalizing torture is a prime example of this nation going apostate no matter how the term is defined -- loosing its values and/or following the dictates of the entity that's history's biggest user of torture, the Roman Catholic Church.

Having been targeted by criminal law enforcement search and seizure with the police video "just grey static", I see Mukasey as a likely rubber stamp for a criminal apostate shadow government that criminally violates its 4th Amendment with the goal of violating its 1st Amendment.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Hoover Planned a "Master Warrant"

FBI Chief Hoover Planned to jail 12,000 and suspend habeas corpus


In the summer of 1950, 12 days after the outbreak of the Korean war, FBI director J Edgar Hoover presented a plan to arrest 12,000 people and detain them permanently in military facilities and prisons. The names would come from a list compiled over years by Hoover, who was director of the bureau from 1924 to 1972.

The arrests, Hoover wrote in a plan presented to President Harry Truman, would be made under "a master warrant attached to a list of names".

The index of names "now contains approximately 12,000 individuals, of which approximately 97% are citizens of the United States," he wrote.

"In order to make effective these apprehensions, the proclamation suspends the writ of habeas corpus."

Monday, December 17, 2007

Peru's ex - President Fujimori Sentenced to 6 Years for criminal search

So when shall this happen with Bush?

LIMA - Former president Alberto Fujimori was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison yesterday on a charge of abuse of authority stemming from an illegal search he ordered as his government imploded in scandal seven years ago. Supreme Court Judge Pedro Guillermo Urbina declared that Fujimori was guilty of abusing his power ... more

Criminal Apostate NSA Public Health Subversion

From The New York Times
Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telcon Industry:

In the drug-trafficking operation, the N.S.A. has been helping the Drug Enforcement Administration in collecting the phone records showing patterns of calls between the United States, Latin America and other drug-producing regions. The program dates to the 1990s, according to several government officials, but it appears to have expanded in recent years.
With the drug war subverting public health with the market protection of more dangerous substances from safer ones, and the perversion of safer substances into infinitely more dangerous substances, NSA cooperation with the DEA is another form of treason.

The Drug War is Un-Constitutional

Saturday, December 15, 2007

G.W. Bush - NSA Criminal Spying on the Public

From Citizens for Legitimate Government
'Within two weeks of taking office, the Bush administration was planning a comprehensive effort of spying on Americans' phone usage.' Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry 16 Dec 2007 For months, the Bush regime has waged a high-profile campaign, including personal lobbying by President [sic] Bush and closed-door briefings by top officials, to persuade Congress to pass legislation protecting companies from lawsuits for aiding the National Security Agency’s warrantless eavesdropping program... In December 2000, N.S.A. officials wrote a transition report to the incoming Bush administration, saying the agency must become a "powerful, permanent presence" on the commercial communications network, a goal that they acknowledged would raise legal and privacy issues... A lawsuit filed in federal court in New Jersey claims that in February 2001, the N.S.A. met with AT&T officials to discuss replicating a network center in Bedminster, N.J., to give the agency access to all the global phone and e-mail traffic that ran through it. [Since Bush bin Laden has been spying since December 2000, why wasn't he able to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attacks?]

Can a FISA Court Be Trusted?

How they play ball...

Another editorial from The New York Times relevant to the U.S. Government's criminal abuse of surveillance to subvert the 1st Amendment.

The Court That May Not Be Heard


Last week, the court denied a request by the American Civil Liberties Union to release portions of past rulings that would explain how it has interpreted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. There are legitimate national security concerns at stake, but the court should share its legal reasoning with the public.

After the 9/11 attacks, the National Security Agency for years engaged in domestic spying that violated both FISA and the Constitution. Earlier this year, after a court ruled that the program was illegal, the Bush administration said that in the future it would conduct surveillance with the approval of the intelligence court. At the same time, it announced that a judge of the court had issued orders setting out how the program could proceed.

The administration has repeatedly referred to these orders, but has refused to make them public. As a result, it is impossible for the American people — and even some members of Congress — to know how the court reached its conclusions, or the state of the law with respect to domestic surveillance.

FISA Judges are appointed by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, currently the man in the middle here, John Roberts.

From Wikipedia Chief Justice of the United States:
Appoints the members of the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (or FISC), a "secret court" which oversees requests for surveillance warrants by federal police agencies (primarily the F.B.I.) against suspected foreign intelligence agents inside the United States. (see 50 U.S.C. § 1803).

U.S. President Bush and Chief Justice Roberts with Cardinal Archbiship McCarrick

Mukasey's Mirror of Logic

From The New York Times:
AG Rejects Demand for Information
Published: December 14, 2007

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey has firmly rejected Congressional demands that he provide information about the Justice Department’s investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency’s destruction of videotapes showing interrogations, a stance that inflamed a feud between Capitol Hill and the administration this afternoon.

“The department has a long-standing policy of declining to provide nonpublic information about pending matters,” Mr. Mukasey wrote, in letters to Senate and House committee leaders, in which he noted that the Justice Department’s National Security Division and the C.I.A.’s inspector general’s office have already opened an inquiry into the episode.

Taking a position that annoyed a prominent Republican as well as Democrats, the attorney general wrote, “This policy is based in part on our interest in avoiding any perception that our law enforcement decisions are subject to political influence.”
Allowing the Bush Administration another cover up absolutely sends a message that the U.S. Attorney General is subject to political influence.

Welcome to Pottersville: We Can Have Our Cake and Eat it, Too.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Criminal Apostate NSA deleting posts at Fascist Empire Planet?

The aborted, unreported U.S. National Capital Planning Commission
Washington, D.C. South Capitol Mall
(from "Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century")

Many thanks to the person or persons behind Fascist Empire Planet for recently adding my "South Capitol Street" and "Freedom of Medicine and Diet" blogs.

However, while I was pleased to see recent posts from both, along with "Free Speech Beneath USHS" and "Continuing Counter Reformation" at Fascist Empire Planet, I see today that the South Capitol Street posts DO NOT APPEAR.

My guess is that the criminal apostate US NSA has the power to delete posts in complete violation of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; and that they have a problem with people knowing what's obvious when one who knows about the aborted USNCPC South Capitol Mall, walks along South Capitol Street and sees that the only surviving building is the St.Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church.

St. Vincent de Paul Church-
the sole building along South Capitol Street saved by the South Capitol Mall's cancellation

Any TRUE Protestant and anyone else interested in the truth should thus be very very interested in how they got away with this, and why should they have objected to even moving that church, with a total media blackout, when the RCC demolishes old churches elsewhere, such as the St. Bridget's Church in NY.

Likewise with anyone interested in the planning of Washington, D.C. and its L'Enfant Plan.

A government that deletes posts is CRIMINAL UNDER THE HIGHEST LAW IN THE U.S.


Minutes later, the South Capitol Street blog posts have re-appeared at Fascist Empire Planet, even as they curiously remain omitted in its title list which appears above the actual articles.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

APSU mock trial rules President Bush “guilty” of illegal domestic surveillance

Verdicts are in on the two day mock trial, U.S. vs. Bush. Bush was found guilty on the charges relating to illegal and unauthorized domestic surveillance and wiretapping of American citizens and violating the Separation of Powers and FISA by ordering a secret Executive Order authorizing such action.



Standing from left: Lead Defense, Jessica Lance, Frankie A. DeJesus and Matt Harris, APSU Professor Dr. Rabidoux,; Lead Prosecutors Michael Hughey, Mike Price and Liz Borsavage. The Judges, seated from left, Kasey Henricks, Emery Walters, Enderson Miranda, Ryan Knight and Zach Suggs