Thursday, May 24, 2012

Domestic Police in U.S. Now Use Drones



Public safety agencies can now get expedited permission to fly drones weighing up to 25 pounds in U.S. airspace, according to new rules approved Monday by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The size of the craft was the most significant change made by the FAA in responding to a congressional mandate to integrate unmanned aviation vehicles into domestic airspace. In February, Congress passed legislation calling on the FAA to expedite approval for law enforcement and first responder agencies that want to use drones smaller than 4.4 pounds.

FAA officials decided to boost the size of the largest permissible public safety drone after meeting with federal, state and local law enforcement representatives, a spokesman said. The officials “determined that small unmanned aircraft systems under 25 pounds would be the most cost-effective, easiest to manage and overall most appropriate to carry out the various first responder missions.”

The decision opens up the market to American drone manufacturers seeking customers in the public safety sector, according to Ben Gielow, general counsel for Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, a trade group. An industry survey of drones under 4.4 pounds found 79 different models for sale by 54 companies, Gielow said. Now public safety agencies shopping for North American-made drones to fit the FAA regulations will be able to choose from 146 models manufactured by 69 different companies. The larger drones will be able to carry more sensors to improve “situational awareness,” he said.


Smaller = more difficult to see, more prone to abuse: aka subverting the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech-writing via subverting the 4th Amendment guarantee against un-legitimately reasonable searches.

Regarding Historic Perspectives

Several of the lawyers amplified their complaints about restrictions on what they could discuss — including a Dec. 27, 2011, prison order about “contraband” information that includes details about the historic perspectives of jihadi activities and certain information about detention operations.

The New York Times article addresses somewhat the matter of detention operations, but not that of the "historic perspectives".

How surprising should that be really from such a publication that presents such ideas as Europe not having any religious wars since about 1648?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Into The ExtraNet

"It's all in open."
Avles Beluskes Interesting, I have been notified this: <<.... Wake up call also commented on their photo. Wake up call wrote: "It's all in open.".........>>. But till now, 17 Apr local time 12:37, I found not the comment in her page (or "find" option to find words doesn't work...):

Douglas Willinger Consider my April 1 2012 articles firing shots across the bow of the Romish Masonic shadow govt- that when you consider electronic communications broadly (aka illegal govt wiretaps pf phone conversations), shock loose some info they did not have before.........................)Tuesday at 1:18pm ·
"Out in the open" sometime shortly after April 1, 2012, somewhat.

"not accessible to the general public."
I say this includes any electronic communication, transmitted through any sort of "net", including telephone calls, which are now all recorded, thanks to the tremendous price drop in computer storage, rather than simply a pen register of number to number and the length of the call.

Take note of some of the facilities our tax-funds are being spent upon- to record every text message and telephone conversation.

So as one may well figure it out, someone as myself -- Douglas A. Willinger, born November 30, 1962, the 'South Mall Blogger' -- with all of these blogs, particularly "Continuing Counter Reformation", is going to have his electronic communications targeted.

As undoubtedly anyone connected to me in any way. That includes say, anyone finding anything in anything I write via a search of their name. And anyone that such persons may text or particularly telephone, with anything conveyed, from text to vocal inflections and deep sighs.

So naturally, anything said via phone is now into the net.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Breitbart- Death of an AGENT Provocateur

Who stepped over a line regarding the idea of video's of Obama in College- the time when people sell out to join the elites; IMHO the attention upon where he was born is a distraction from the far more important matter of his time during COLLEGE;
and who was wiredly puffed, even after discrediting himself with his unjust depiction of Shirley Sherrod
A good article from the New York Times though lacking the points I make above.
Andrew Breitbart, Death of a Provocateur
By David Carr, The New York Times

15 April 12

IN the last night of February, Arthur Sando was having a drink at the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles when a bearded silver-haired man took a seat next to him, ordered a glass of pinot noir and began typing into his BlackBerry.

Mr. Sando quickly realized he was sitting next to Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and author, and the two began to chat. As with almost any encounter with Mr. Breitbart, the next 90 minutes between the former strangers was punctuated by laughs, some outrageous political assertions and repeated interruptions as Mr. Breitbart checked his smartphone.

"We talked politics, television, college and living in Los Angeles," Mr. Sando said, adding that Mr. Breitbart had a single glass of wine during the conversation and seemed to be in both good spirits and good health. "He said that conversations like ours were why he liked to go to bars and talk with people who had different political beliefs."

Mr. Sando paid his tab and left. Not long after, Mr. Breitbart, 43, settled his own bill and apparently headed to the nearby home he shared with his wife, Susie Bean Breitbart, and their four young children. Minutes after exiting the bar, he collapsed in front of a Starbucks like a "sack of potatoes," one witness said. Paramedics were unable to revive him. Later, his father-in-law, the actor Orson Bean, said that Mr. Breitbart had a history of heart ailments. (A final coroner's report, with the official cause of death, is expected this month.)

The following morning, Mr. Sando, a marketing executive from Los Angeles whose encounter with Mr. Breitbart was first reported in The Hollywood Reporter, grabbed his iPhone. The first thing he saw was a headline saying Mr. Breitbart had died.

"I thought it was a prank," he said in a recent telephone interview. "I thought he might have been in the habit of sending fake headlines to people he had encountered with different political opinions."

It was a common response, particularly among people who knew him well. After a lifetime of pranks, capers and so many people wishing him dead, it would have been just like Mr. Breitbart to stage his own demise.

"I kept thinking, he is going to pull something off here," said Representative Louie Gohmert, Republican of Texas, at a memorial held at the Newseum in Washington three weeks later. "He's going to find out who hates his guts and who loved him, and I kept wanting to hear back, 'O.K., the gag's up.' "

On the Web, there was a huge outpouring of both invective and grief. Dark, unsubstantiated theories that he was murdered mushroomed immediately, while 24 of his friends used the hashtag #DJBreitbart on Twitter to offer a playlist of his beloved '80s music. His own Twitter account (which included more than 80 tweets sent on the day before his death) now sits as a frozen memorial.

In the days following the death of Mr. Breitbart, many of his admirers adopted a meme of "I am Breitbart," and vowed to continue his work. But even though his Web site, run by his business partner and lifelong friend Larry Solov, is fully staffed and unveiled a redesign after his death, there could be no real replacement.

For good or ill (and most would say ill), no one did it like Mr. Breitbart.

ANDREW BREITBART jacked into the Web early and never unplugged. As someone who worked on the Drudge Report and The Huffington Post in the early days and was busy building his own mini-empire of conservative opinion and infotainment at, he understood in a fundamental way how discourse could be profoundly shaped by the pixels generated far outside the mainstream media he held in such low regard.

Mr. Breitbart, as much as anyone, turned the Web into an assault rifle, helping to bring down Acorn, a community organizing group, with the strategic release of undercover videos made by James O'Keefe, a conservative activist; forcing Shirley Sherrod, an Agriculture Department official, out of her job with a misleadingly edited clip of a speech; and flushing out Representive Anthony D. Weiner, Democrat of New York, when he tried to lie about lewd pictures he had sent via Twitter.

Less watchdog than pit bull (and one who, without the technology of the 21st century, might have been just one more angry man shouting from a street corner), Mr. Breitbart altered the rules of civil discourse.

Mark Feldstein, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland, said that Mr. Breitbart "used the tools of invective and polemic to change the conversation, to try to turn it to his advantage."

Mr. Breitbart was a ubiquitous presence on and off the Web, though not one who ever managed to have significant business success there. His star rose along with the Tea Party, of which he was an early and frequent defender.

But he cut an odd figure for a conservative, holding forth with lectures on political theory that name-dropped Michel Foucault and other leftist thinkers. He could also be mordantly funny. (His Twitter avatar was an echo of the apocryphal Jesus imprint on a piece of toast.) Matt Labash, senior editor at The Weekly Standard, described him as "half right wing Yippie, half Andy Kaufman," in his column after Mr. Breitbart died.

In 2011, while various religious groups boycotted the Conservative Political Action Conference because of the inclusion of gay Republican groups, he helped hold a party for the gay groups.

He was conversant in pop culture - the Cure and New Order were particular musical favorites - and thought nothing of wearing in-line skates, his longish hair trailing behind him, as he confronted protesters at a rally outside a conservative event hosted by David and Charles Koch in Palm Springs, Calif., in 2011. Once he was done berating the protesters, he took some of them to dinner at Applebee's.

Mr. Breitbart took in life in big gulps, but he spat out even bigger portions of bile. The day that Senator Edward M. Kennedy died, he called him "a special pile of human excrement" and tweeted, "Rest in Chappaquiddick." Matt Yglesias of Slate returned the favor after Mr. Breitbart died, tweeting: "Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBreitbart dead."

Many of his familiars called him a "happy warrior," but worried about his health because he never seemed to unplug.

"If Twitter ever killed anyone, it was Andrew," said Mr. Labash of The Weekly Standard. "Andrew was a magnet for hatred, and he used Twitter for a full frontal assault, a tool of combat,"

Friends and colleagues described Mr. Breitbart as both jester and provocateur, one who enjoyed soy lattes (a family friend sprinkled coffee grounds from Starbucks onto his grave) almost as much as waging war on what he saw as Democratic hypocrisy.

"Andrew was a kind of human pinball, always doing something while doing something else, but he never took himself all that seriously," said Greg Gutfeld, the host of "Red Eye" on Fox News, who frequently booked Mr. Breitbart as a guest. "He was the least serious, serious person I ever met."

A student of the tactics of the leftist organizer Saul Alinsky (if not his politics), Mr. Breitbart played defense by giving offense, subscribing to Alinsky's theorem that "the real action is in the enemy's reaction." He wielded a network of conservative sources, including a number of members of Congress, four of whom spoke at his Washington memorial, to sow mayhem opportunistically.

As is often the case, there is no more ferocious advocate than a convert.

"He rejected the culture that produced him, and once that process began, it could not be reversed," said Tucker Carlson, the founder of the Daily Caller, a conservative Web site. "My strong sense was that he loved the performance aspect, the drama of it all, and lived for those moments of provocation."

WITH piercing blue eyes and ruddily handsome Celtic features, Mr. Breitbart looked more like a fresh-off-the-boat Irish storyteller than the son of a banker mother and restaurateur father in Brentwood. Adopted (along with a sister of Mexican descent), he was raised Jewish, and went to college at Tulane in New Orleans. He majored in American studies, and began a period of heavy drinking and drug use that he described as "debauched" in his 2011 book, "Righteous Indignation."

After college, he bounced between Los Angeles and Austin, Tex., without much direction, but discovered a kind of religion and purpose after idly tuning in to talk radio and finding himself nodding in agreement to Rush Limbaugh and others.

Mr. Breitbart was activated as a conservative for good by the 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas, a process he believed was filled with politically motivated innuendo.

But his ferocious adoption of conservative values found real traction in his first true love, the early Internet. In a letter from his wife, Susie, that was read at his memorial by Mr. Solov, she suggested that her husband took one look at the Web and moved right in.

It read: "To Andrew, the Internet was a portal into the future. It works the way his mind worked - go here, turn left, click on this, go right, over here, back here, back where you started. Like one of those 'choose your own adventure' books from childhood. It all just made sense to him."

After the Drudge Report all but tipped over President Clinton by pushing the Monica Lewinsky scandal into plain view, Mr. Breitbart realized that the Web had moved beyond a curio for techies.

"Andrew recognized very early on, before many people did, that the conversation was moving onto the Web," said Arianna Huffington, who saw him in the weeks before his death. In the late '90s, when he was her research assistant in her home, he happily pretended to dine on the mud pies that Ms. Huffington's daughters made for him, and after he began having children, the two families, who lived near each other, remained close.

"He brought two things to the blog," Ms. Huffington said of their early working relationship. "He knew when a big story was about to happen. But more important, he could find stories buried in the 13th paragraph, link them with other things and put a spotlight on them."

His expertise was less technical than intuitive, with a mad scientist's touch for curating and packaging news that made it especially clickable.

"He didn't have a deep understanding of technology," said Jonah Peretti, who also worked on the start-up and now runs BuzzFeed. "He was a Web news junkie from the very beginning, with a quickness and obsessiveness that kept him up all hours."

Although Mr. Breitbart helped start The Huffington Post, it became apparent within a month that the political chasm between him and Ms. Huffington was too great, and his attention span for office matters far too short.

Mr. Breitbart saw infinite possibilities on the Web, starting a series of Web sites - Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism - under the banner of

"I think that he took the guidelines and principles of talk radio, where you could say almost anything and get away with it, and applied it to the Internet," said Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America, a liberal research center on the media, who battled constantly with Mr. Breitbart.

Mr. Breitbart specialized in teasing a small ember of a story, whether it was an inconsistency or a gaffe, and dumping gasoline on it until it blew up - sometimes on him, sometimes on others. "If you do a good enough job, you can force them to make a mistake," he wrote in his book. "When they do, you must be ready to exploit it."

Through a carefully managed release of clips from Mr. O'Keefe, the undercover conservative operative, he brought down Acorn, a huge nonprofit that found itself summarily defunded by Congress after its representatives appeared to offer help to Mr. O'Keefe and a colleague when they showed up posing as a pimp and a prostitute.

When there were rumors that Representative Weiner had sent sexually suggestive photos over his Twitter account, Mr. Breitbart pushed the story along with new revelations and eventually hijacked the podium at Mr. Weiner's news conference to suggest that the congressman was lying. Mr. Weiner resigned soon after.

Working with Mr. O'Keefe, he also used heavily edited video clips to savage Ms. Sherrod, an obscure official at the Agriculture Department, by giving the appearance that she had made racially motivated financing decisions, when actually she had done the opposite.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington in 2011, Mr. Breitbart was served papers for a lawsuit alleging that he had recklessly destroyed her reputation. A representative for Ms. Sherrod said settlement negotiations were continuing despite Mr. Breitbart's death.

THREE weeks before he died, Mr. Breitbart took the stage at CPAC, the jagged tip of the spear on all things conservative. He entered to the refrains of "Guerrilla Radio" from the band Rage Against the Machine and implored the crowd, "You need to join me in my war against the institutional left!"

He went on to accuse the mainstream media of demonizing the Tea Party. At the end of his stem-winding summation of the recent history of the Democratic Party, he suggested that the election of President Obama was part of a putsch by the Democrats ("The rest of us slept while they plotted and they plotted and they plotted") to seize the presidency.

"This is not your mother's Democratic Party!" he thundered, and then later added, "Barack Obama is a radical, and we should not be afraid to say that."

But he was not done. Mr. Breitbart was never done.

The following day, angered by the Occupy Wall Street protesters who circled the event at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, he stepped out of the hotel armed with nothing more than a wineglass and began bellowing at them while the cameras rolled.

"Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves!," he shouted, 20 times in a row for over a minute. And then he got a little more specific, alluding to a report that women had been assaulted in various Occupy encampments. "Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping the people! You freaks! You filthy, filthy, raping, murdering freaks!"

The protesters surrounded Mr. Breitbart and began chanting back at him, while he seemed to bask in their umbrage. His work done, he was led back inside by hotel security officers, having started yet another viral storm on the Web. It turned out to be his last.

Following his memorial, his colleagues and friends gathered in a house behind the Capitol - Mr. Breitbart had rented a huge, ornate house he called "the Embassy" that served as both salon and a Washington base for his media company - to tell stories and reminisce. A family friend remembered watching Andrew, at age 2, bang his head on a concrete floor when he did not get his way, foretelling a life of stubborn conflict.

At both the memorial and the after-party, stories about his relentlessness and love of argument were legion. In her note read at the memorial, his wife reminded the crowd that Mr. Breitbart was willing to engage and argue with anyone. "I came home one day to our first apartment to find a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses," she wrote, "trying to wrap up the conversation and get out."

The people in the audience, many of whom had spent countless hours locked in conversational combat with Mr. Breitbart, laughed long and hard at that one.

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Subverting the 1st via the 4th: A Checklist

The Blog that Pissed 'em Off - started March 2006

The Blog Posts in Particular - July 2006

Illegal Wiretap of cell phone

Illegal GPS read of cell phone

Cell phone is Verizon Wireless - than CEO was Denny Strigel, Chairman Board of Directors of Jesuit Canisius College - reportedly charging taxpayers for facilitating government spying upon dissidents

FUSION Centers

Police Over-Time- some 23 police, 18 federal "DEA" and 5 local Fairfax, Virginia, sitting in about 5 or 6 vehicles idling for at least a couple of hours in the August night heat leaving visible puddles of auto oils on a suburban street to the west of Washington D.C. and within the Beltway near Route 50.

Boiler Plate Testilying - Judicial Subversion of the 4th Amendment facilitating Federal Conspiracy to Subvert the 1st Amendment "failed to come to a complete stop nor use turn signal" - rubber stamp suppression hearing where 'judge' refused to hear testimony of the arresting officer.

Police Claim that Dash-cam Video was "Just Grey Static"to cover up illegal stop, search and seizure.

Hypocritically Evil Tobacco Pushing Anti Marijuana Virginia - defendants admonished that any dividing renders possession as that with "intent to distribute" - a "felony" (a term supposedly reserved for serious and real crimes)

An Evil Disregard to Health Beyond Their Contempt via "Virginia Bright Leaf" fostered addiction, expensive health problems and premature death, I found that simply asking a 'judge' in this 'court' about the whereabouts of my prescription anti-biotics that I had in my automobile in their original labeled containers at the time of my arrest for staph infection, would have him simply say:
Do you understand that I can place you in jail? (to which I simply reply "yes sir") Take it outside of here.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Jesuit- Ex Verizon CEO Denny Strigel on TeleCon Conspiracy to Subvert the 4th Amendment

Interview with Denny Strigel Jesuit Chairman of the Board of Trustees Canasius Jesuit College
On the Impending End Run Around the 1st Amendment via Subverting the 4th


Most people just don’t appreciate the potential.

They say “what do I have to hide” or why would anyone be interested in their lives.

They don’t think. And they are increasingly obvious to history- and the political significance of he concept of the confessional? And thus can’t imagine the potential- namely to subvert the 1st amendment via a climate of fear.

We have all known people whom refuse getting involved politically, including refusing to attend demonstrations or join political organizations out of a fear of ending up on some list.

I’ve always wondered how anything every got done for the better by such attitudes. Frankly such attitudes disgust me. I say use it or loose it. Hence I write these blogs as a means of attempting to warn my fellow countrymen and others about the threat and show such by discussing political dynamics.


Yes, we are assembling the technology

We have already achieved the economy of scale. Thanks to modern technology plus a popular indifference following September 11, 2001. Never-mind the tremendous potential for abuse.

Look what we did to you back in 2006 after you started your first blog embarrassing the Roman Catholic Church by pointing out that conflict between that St Vincent de Paul Church and the NCPC proposed South Mall., and of course Nationals Ballpark Stadium which is our pride and joy, steered through CUA/Gontzaga and Jesuit Academy Board of Directors Tuohey through the law firm of Covington & Burling representing MLB which insists upon that particular stadium location, that was one of several options in a study PRE-dating the formal abandonment of the South Mall concept

We place a tap on your Verizon cell phone- voice and gps. That Verizon wireless salesman pitch about you the customer having control over the gps with an “off” switch- we lied. Yet we refused rescinding the claim that it was you that “broke the contract” when you ended it after we betrayed you.

We sicced a joint federal DEA local Virginia Fairfax narcotics squad on you August 5 2006 with an illegal search and seizure masked by a false claim that the police video was ‘just grey static’. We were so disappointed you had under 5 pounds, and that the search really was not legal, but got it covered up by rubber stamp Fairfax judge who refused to hear the testimony of the arresting officer, in a legal atmosphere of systematic boilerplate testilying. Come on now, just how many criminal narcotics busts in Virginia have that police boilerplate about a failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and failing to single? Or how many involved some 5 or 6 police vehicles and 23 police, with 5 local Fairfax, and 18 “DEA”. Welcome to the age of the federal-local law enforcement “FUSION” centers- facilitating federally directed politically motivated law enforcement.

And as you’ve likely deduced we have many ways of reducing the potential impacts of what one may write upon the internet to expose us- namely drown you out in layer after layer of clutter. Just look at the way we run the media with their endless harping on even the lamest stories – remember the John Carr fluff in the weeks just after we ambushed you? Or the way magazine after magazine continue to put the face of Kim Kardashian or one of her sisters on the cover as if they merited it truly?

Or look at the number of people devoting their off of work time to watching other people play some or another sport.

Its all about distraction.

Just look at the article in today’s New York Time- we telecommunication companies are guilty of conspiracy to subvert the 4th amendment. We need to have our asses sued seriously, otherwise were going to continue, along with the counter reformation, as can be expected from a traitor as myself affiliated with the filthy Jesuit Order which has infiltrated and rotted out the governments of the world.

Get the people to accept government expansion without adequate oversight. End run around the separation of powers by the permeation- subversion of the powers like a fist hidden within a visible glove.

Get them to focus upon some exterior epidermises while overlooking that fortress of the counter reformation on the Potomac.

We are the Jesuit Order- the Society of Jesus devoted to harping minds to our benefit.

Wait until our pentagon develops miniature insect sized drones.

2012 - April 1 - South Mall Blogger

Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012- March 31

Here we are- at the end of the first 1/4 of 2012- perhaps the year the world shall end as we know it - hopefully as a positive change from the dynamics of a secreted ancient regime working to better itself at the expense of everyone else.

Government continues to grow, in the wrong ways.

We have a Pentagon that, in order to extract revenge for the events of September 11, 2001 taking some 3,000 lives, taking in revenge many many more.

Interested in surveilling the general public, as it has become technologically way more feasible on a mass scale via the internet and other nets -- aka involving financial transactions -- and transportation surveillance and of course cell phones serving as real time tracking devices since about 2002.

Interested in a Ariel program of increasingly small drones to surveil and kill. Couple that ability with a lack of oversight with surveilling people for political reasons, and we have a government -- or more correctly a government with in a government now capable of killing people without repercussions- oh you'll get various account of people succumbing to strange bug bites.

It shall be an ability that becomes increasingly plausible with the de-mechanisization of things -- say of direct mechanical connections, such as the links in one's automobile's steering linkage, replaced with drive by wire or wireless electronic steering with the actual steering by a set of solenoids, computer controlled of course, and hence hackable where previously secure. Others have already noted the morbid potential:

Yet uninterested in any matters of civilian defense, and nothing more than lip service to the idea of improved evacuation route capacity.
If the ICC is truly intended to boast "Homeland Security", then additional analysis (in a SDEIS) is needed to determine the feasibility and need for reviving the 1950s era proposal for extending Interstate 70 South (the original name or I-270) inside the Beltway to downtown DC. This proposed road would run through Northwest Washington, near the new headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security (at the former Naval Security Station, next to American University).
It appears that there are interests with significantly disproportionate influence not only within and near Washington, D.C., but also the N.Y. metropolitan area, including Long Island powerful enough to topple politicians.

People are still easily mislead.

"Limited Government" "social" "conservatives" want to continue the expense and heartbreak of the wars foreign and domestic. Who don't want to question the degree and the expense of the revenge, cloaking everything in an intellectually sticky sweet syrup of "American 'Exceptional-ism'" as the stuff to make the bitter palatable that nature provides to warn us of the trap of this hubris much as Germany was set up to loose during the 1900s.

Nor do they dare calculate the true costs of that cigarette pharmaceutical market protection racket known as the war on drugs overseas and here imprisoning and robbing people for challenging the markets in cigarets and pharma.

Strangely yet predictably, so the openly pro big government "progressives".

"Progressives" consider transport infrastructure as "boondoggles" while saying little or nothing about the drug war. Methinks it has much to do with various propaganda campaigns as 'fund mass transit by cancelling freeways' without regard to the latter system -- consider how I-395 in Washington, D.C. dumps out onto New York Avenue, making people assume that the U.S. is somehow too poor to afford both freeways and WMATA rail, particularly in the Capital City.

Both "Occupy" and "Tea Party" display similar dynamics. Neither wants to address the criminal drug war.

Its all about 'crackpot sloganeering'

The Dynamics of "Mainstream" Media are likewise terrible.

More of a fear of independent bloggers then previously, with an increasingly negative spin against bloggers fading into a general policy to deliberately ignore such, unless involving something trivial, say a You Tube video of a dancing pet, which seem to get strangely inflated hits considering the lack of advertising. Should not deep matters involving political dynamics be more of a focus for a populace so satisfied? Should not even basic physical realities, say a matter of a new road infrastructure project to bring new potentials, matter more than say a dancing pet? Yet cruise the internet and see the comments sections of different articles about different things to see what people comment about and what they don't.

After Presidential election after election after election anyone should be able to discern the dynamics of a series of insincere controlled men

We have a successful campaign against the SOPA bill, while the one on indefinite detention continues.

We have people who have been illegally targeted by criminal law enforcement, including those as myself back in 2006 for being the only person on the internet spotlighting the stadium deal in Washington D.C. blocking the South Capitol Mall (with the D.C. City Council reversing their vote, in a closed door midnight session).

We then had a president beholden to the Continuing Ancient Regime and its Great Political Distraction for the Masses of the Colosseum Culture.

Why do you think they ignore the freeways while fawning over stadium projects for the sake of erecting high caliber sky boxes?

Yet despite the interest shown in the abuse potential of the government's vast new surveillance powers, such as on the Keith Obermann show, no one in within the mainstream media showed any visible indication of reviewing my story or any other such story regarding such implausibilities.

We have a Pentagon destined to get us into trouble overseas, spawning cascading waves of revenge, for the sake of a foreign power's wars of religion that we are best to stay out of. As in Yugoslavia during the 1990s.

And we have a Pentagon that does not give a sh*t about civil defense, evacuations routes or even the continuous nature to be expected of our highway system, bowing to a disgusting politicization of the main road to the north, a planning process clearly botched to generate opposition, at the time of JFK's assassination, with the undeniable effect of poisoning popular opinion against that highway being anywhere near Catholic University of America, of a so-called "white mans road through black mans homes". A Pentagon-basement project blog "Commuter Outrage" would cease publication upon being called out on the matter of transportation corridor chock- the increasingly common practice of allowing real estate development to intrude on right of way expansion areas needed for bringing such vital arteries as New York's I-87 Major Deegan Expressway to modern specifications (12 foot lanes, shoulders etc). Or for constructing D.C. 270E/95 as a cut and cover reconstruction of the B&O Metro Branch RR/CSX WMATA Red Line.

Indeed, it is the continuing post 911 elitism against improved evacuation route capacity that was my initial post event tip off against the official story on 911, along with the jump to go for the most expensive and intrusive modes of response -- mass surveillance and costly wars -- and the implausibility of a supposed novice terrorist hijacker being able to fly a 757 at near ground level into the side of the Pentagon most difficult to hit owing to the topography and the side least occupied.

The relative lack of attention to simpler concepts of hardened cockpits and aircraft remote control, along with some of the alternate hypothesis presented to explain 911 as deliberate distractions and strawmen to attempt to discredit questioning the official story - speak volumes about the Pentagon's true loyalties, as belied by a program of such false fronts .

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Containing Dangerous Ideas?

What could the Pentagon be doing to thwart the spread of dangerous ideas- that is, ideas considered dangerous by the powers that be? Certainly such are already filtered via the mainstream' media entities by their hiring, firing, fraternal-ism, ect. But how can such be done on the wide open internet?

Filter- to reduce the potential audience. We already are aware of the concept of internet filtering, if only of a fraction of the ways it may be used to ensure that fewer people see the dangerous idea.

Jam- to reduce the potential audience by jamming the internet with false-front sites: those purported to be by some concerned anonymous citizen but are actually Pentagon or other ancient regime entity product. These are marked by the same dynamics seen in "mainstream" media in limiting the scope of topics deemed "acceptable" by selective inclusion/exclusion.