Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Subverting the 1st via the 4th: A Checklist

The Blog that Pissed 'em Off - started March 2006

The Blog Posts in Particular - July 2006

Illegal Wiretap of cell phone

Illegal GPS read of cell phone

Cell phone is Verizon Wireless - than CEO was Denny Strigel, Chairman Board of Directors of Jesuit Canisius College - reportedly charging taxpayers for facilitating government spying upon dissidents

FUSION Centers

Police Over-Time- some 23 police, 18 federal "DEA" and 5 local Fairfax, Virginia, sitting in about 5 or 6 vehicles idling for at least a couple of hours in the August night heat leaving visible puddles of auto oils on a suburban street to the west of Washington D.C. and within the Beltway near Route 50.

Boiler Plate Testilying - Judicial Subversion of the 4th Amendment facilitating Federal Conspiracy to Subvert the 1st Amendment "failed to come to a complete stop nor use turn signal" - rubber stamp suppression hearing where 'judge' refused to hear testimony of the arresting officer.

Police Claim that Dash-cam Video was "Just Grey Static"to cover up illegal stop, search and seizure.

Hypocritically Evil Tobacco Pushing Anti Marijuana Virginia - defendants admonished that any dividing renders possession as that with "intent to distribute" - a "felony" (a term supposedly reserved for serious and real crimes)

An Evil Disregard to Health Beyond Their Contempt via "Virginia Bright Leaf" fostered addiction, expensive health problems and premature death, I found that simply asking a 'judge' in this 'court' about the whereabouts of my prescription anti-biotics that I had in my automobile in their original labeled containers at the time of my arrest for staph infection, would have him simply say:
Do you understand that I can place you in jail? (to which I simply reply "yes sir") Take it outside of here.

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