Thursday, April 19, 2012

Into The ExtraNet

"It's all in open."
Avles Beluskes Interesting, I have been notified this: <<.... Wake up call also commented on their photo. Wake up call wrote: "It's all in open.".........>>. But till now, 17 Apr local time 12:37, I found not the comment in her page (or "find" option to find words doesn't work...):

Douglas Willinger Consider my April 1 2012 articles firing shots across the bow of the Romish Masonic shadow govt- that when you consider electronic communications broadly (aka illegal govt wiretaps pf phone conversations), shock loose some info they did not have before.........................)Tuesday at 1:18pm ·
"Out in the open" sometime shortly after April 1, 2012, somewhat.

"not accessible to the general public."
I say this includes any electronic communication, transmitted through any sort of "net", including telephone calls, which are now all recorded, thanks to the tremendous price drop in computer storage, rather than simply a pen register of number to number and the length of the call.

Take note of some of the facilities our tax-funds are being spent upon- to record every text message and telephone conversation.

So as one may well figure it out, someone as myself -- Douglas A. Willinger, born November 30, 1962, the 'South Mall Blogger' -- with all of these blogs, particularly "Continuing Counter Reformation", is going to have his electronic communications targeted.

As undoubtedly anyone connected to me in any way. That includes say, anyone finding anything in anything I write via a search of their name. And anyone that such persons may text or particularly telephone, with anything conveyed, from text to vocal inflections and deep sighs.

So naturally, anything said via phone is now into the net.


avles said...

TERRORIST TARGETING SINGLE INDIVIDUALITY – this is the true war now going on by Carabineers/EUROGENDFOR/Office awareness information/NSA/etc. Look at those idiotic masses of Jesuit Guy Favkes masques all around the globe, they together their idol Assange, they are a perfect deception. They show you the same idiotic scenario of "demonstrants-riots-stakes-of-garbages-tear-gasses-police-squads" etc., in order to divert the attention from the actual true terrorist warfare. I'm not sayingg that all that will not appear, but for now it is used to hide the Terrorist Targeting Single Individuality which happens with people exposing traffic plots assaulted by tens of FBI agents or other people with terrorist psychological intruders in their homes stealthy manipulating domestic environment to cause psychological crack down. For this reason it is important the profiling of population, this is for the psychological terrorist warfare of Romish Masonic intelligence net. Just look how they put at disposition US Army to EUROGENDFOR, for example when they moved the US headquarters to deicisions who hurted citizens of Vicenza with the enlargement of the there US Army base, arising anti-Amrican protests as sand in the eyes to hide the EUROGENDFOR early born headquarter in the same cityh of Vicenza, the CARABINEERS barrack "general Chinotto". Carabineers were at the center of all the episodes of dirty war of Strategy of Tension in Italy (Cold War Hoax), for example in 1969 near Trieste a car bomb (massacre of Peteano) murdere three Carabineers (explosive used: NATO C4) and the Fascist indicted were supported inorder to hide the background by the same Carabineers army with general Carabineer Mingarelli (near Carabineer SMOM general de Lorenzo) who immediately diverted the suspects on Communist group Lotta Continua. When the fascist escaped abroad, they confessed to have been supported by intelligence, Interior minister, CARABINEERS, etc., as they the same told that. So this old Strategy of Tension continue today with different intensity (calibration), from stealth raids in home of bloggers, to exhibited demonstration of repressive power on other bloggers, to traumatic act of mass murder whose aim is to create a TERRORIST SOCIAL CLIMATE of hate against single individuality who are considered dissident/'heretic' by the Jesuit order, by the Vatican and their minions, the Masonic world net:

<<..........In 1984, at the request of the judges about the massacre at Bologna station Vinciguerra said: "With the massacre of Peteano, and all those that followed, the knowledge of the facts could be clear that there was a real live structure, secret, with the ability to give direction to the scandals ... lies within the same ... there were in Italy a parallel structure to the armed forces, composed of civilian and military, with an anti-Communist who was to organize a resistance on Italian soil against the Russian army ... a secret organization, a super-organization with a network of communications, weapons and explosives, and men trained in the use of the same ... an over-organization, which for lack of a Soviet military invasion, took on the task, on behalf of NATO, to prevent a drift to the left of the nation. This they did, with the assistance of intelligence officers and political and military forces. "
...............>> URL:

avles said...

Look how works the ecumenism, a LUTHERAN country submitted to act of bloody terrorism, in the ideological center of the alleged serial killer there are just the principal political point of the Vatican policy in EU, i.e. Immigration as battering ram to destroy the last borders against Romanization of North Protestant Europe.... The pope so roughly ideologically treated by Anders Breivik is now associated with the same his victims... aren't fine? Expect new act of terrorism in EU in the future, and now that they announced that "Carabineers must be losed by EU institution in order to melt with civil Police" expect a reaction at the guise of "Viva Maria!" Jesuit-Napoleon instigation revanchism!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
ANDERS BREIVIK & C. tool of Romish Italian Carabineers founded EUROGENDFOR?

Douglas A. Willinger said...

"Viva Maria!"

They are going to be luvin' it!

avles said...

From Roberto Scaruffi blog (he also translate in English some of his pieces):

State/government-organized stalking

Letter from Lhasa, number 267. State/government-organized stalking: Webster and the Invisible III Degree
by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Events as these are always used to whip up support against dissidents and in favor of monopolising guns for police and military- funny how the gun control types say like nothing about police militarization- as done 19 years ago in Waco Texas

avles said...

....and to create a climate of SOCIAL TERRORISM/STALKING against single individuals out of the schemes [using the society around you as repressive force is better than to involve police, courts, etc.]. Profiling society (NSA, etc.) is requested in order to USE it (this is how there is a lot of people warning that they "spy" you, but just to control you or to know the profile of your neighbor in order to use it against you?).

avles said...

".....Tuesday, October 09, 2012
...and "has no right to deny him his right [to sex]" - PA Mufti


avles said...

Today is the day X:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jesuit-Fascist government of prof. Mario Monti implementing Pious IX's Syllabus of Errors in secular legal system

avles said...

How is it possible, when I explore old posts of mine I found an incredible number of disappeared pictures? For example the ones of SJ Federico Lombardi, spokesman of Vatican??!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Probably because of insufficient security allowing the deletion- and also the addition- of material, such as illustrations and text.