Friday, December 14, 2007

Criminal Apostate NSA deleting posts at Fascist Empire Planet?

The aborted, unreported U.S. National Capital Planning Commission
Washington, D.C. South Capitol Mall
(from "Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century")

Many thanks to the person or persons behind Fascist Empire Planet for recently adding my "South Capitol Street" and "Freedom of Medicine and Diet" blogs.

However, while I was pleased to see recent posts from both, along with "Free Speech Beneath USHS" and "Continuing Counter Reformation" at Fascist Empire Planet, I see today that the South Capitol Street posts DO NOT APPEAR.

My guess is that the criminal apostate US NSA has the power to delete posts in complete violation of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution; and that they have a problem with people knowing what's obvious when one who knows about the aborted USNCPC South Capitol Mall, walks along South Capitol Street and sees that the only surviving building is the St.Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church.

St. Vincent de Paul Church-
the sole building along South Capitol Street saved by the South Capitol Mall's cancellation

Any TRUE Protestant and anyone else interested in the truth should thus be very very interested in how they got away with this, and why should they have objected to even moving that church, with a total media blackout, when the RCC demolishes old churches elsewhere, such as the St. Bridget's Church in NY.

Likewise with anyone interested in the planning of Washington, D.C. and its L'Enfant Plan.

A government that deletes posts is CRIMINAL UNDER THE HIGHEST LAW IN THE U.S.


Minutes later, the South Capitol Street blog posts have re-appeared at Fascist Empire Planet, even as they curiously remain omitted in its title list which appears above the actual articles.

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avles said...

I upgraded Jesuit Inquisitorial Censorship On The Web thread with this case.
See Tuesday 22nd July 2008 upgrade:
Excerpt (my comment):
"..For example I observed a lightly different layout of the page of my blog when viewed by another PC. The right - at least I see them at the right side of the page - list of links and posts are not at the top as they should be, but at the bottom of the page. My conviction is that it seems that they can create a ghost, parallel site of yours, where not too much visible - but effective! - differences can be operated by the N.S.A. or whatever else Counter Reformation Agency ..".