Monday, January 08, 2007

Data Rape of the Masses

Anything electronic, thanks to the technological feasibilities and the government’s clear desire to use

The U.S. government does this in clear violation of the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment’s prohibition against searches without warrants upon probable cause from a judge.

The U.S. government does this without any stated specific need. Rather, they make generalized statements about “national security”, as if it were a great secret that anything electronic can be easily tapped, and such realities as cell phones being useable as real time tracking devices.

Though spying domestically through such government entities as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, the NSA (National Security Agency), and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and routinely doing so by going through the proper legal channels to obtain search warrants through intelligence courts which generally grants such search warrant requests. the U.S. government now seeks to eliminate the warrant requirement.

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