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Stephen DeVoy


Stephen DeVoy became best known for reporting on John Poindexter “Information Awareness Office” of mass computerized data mining surveillance of the general public, turning its technologies against Poindexter, by posting some of Poindexter’s personal information.
Cyber citizen spies on a Pentagon spook

The man who heads the Pentagon's efforts to develop a computer program to keep an electronic eye out for terrorists is himself the object of scrutiny.

Although the John Poindexter Awareness Office was launched as a joke website on November 29 it has attracted thousands of hits and hundreds of responses.

"I would like to eliminate the surveillance of Americans from the war on terror equation," said Stephen DeVoy, the computer scientist who set up the Poindexter page as part of his site of disorganized resistance at

The site focuses on Poindexter, who is developing a program to sift through enormous amounts of individual data to detect patterns that could indicate terrorist activity. Visitors to the site are urged ... "if you see Mr Poindexter purchase something, travel somewhere or do, well, anything, send us a tip describing your observations."

And, while the site contains information on others who work with Poindexter, Mr DeVoy said he has received no reports on any of them.

Much of what he has received on Poindexter, a former national security adviser to president Ronald Reagan and convicted felon of the Iran-Contra scandal, has not been posted, Mr DeVoy said, because it appeared libellous or not legitimate.

Mr. Devoy, 40, a "rational anarchist," said he is self-employed and will not reveal where he lives because he has received death threats. He said the Government should not be involved in individuals' lives, and his site is an example of individual dissent against his country's tendency to spy on on its own citizens who do not conform.

So where is his site?

So, I begin further internet research, and find such things as:
5. Break Your Chains! Someone is harassing myself and my family. They are engaging in cyber crimes to do so. My family has been through enough. I'm shutting this website down. - Last modified: 6 July 2004 @ 12:40

Where did go? 19.10.2004 20:00

I am happy to see that Mr. DeVoy has contributed to an indymedia group. His work has been thorough and compelling on issues that matter to all of us interested in our liberties. I wish I could find that site. Any help would be appreciated.
matthew e-mail::

And so have others (check out its various "spins"):

Anarchist becomes subject of Federal Probe
by Keanu Hamilton Saturday, Mar. 06, 2004 at 6:17 PM

Boston anarchist becomes subject of Federal Probe

Stephen DeVoy, anarchist, subject of Federal Probe

Illegal merchandise sales, defamation of corporations, suspicion of domestic terrorism

By Gabriela Herrera
American Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 7, 2004; Page A01

CAMBRIDGE, MA (Reuters) 13:30 - Stephen R. DeVoy, owner of websites at, ,, and has become the subject of a Federal Probe in regard to illegal merchandise sales and sales tax evasion. In addition to Federal action, a civil lawsuit has been filed by the Austin-based corporation Cycorp, Inc. in connection to defamation and libel published on DeVoy's websites. Preliminary investigation reveals some substance to the investigation, authorities said.

Although Mr. DeVoy denies any wrongdoing, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that there has been more than casual defamation of several companies and individuals. Telephone records as well as files subpoenaed from EarthLink Hosting, (Mr. DeVoy's web host), contain cached web pages containing the libel as well as names of individuals who have accused Mr. DeVoy of harassment and defamation. In early 2003, Mr. DeVoy fled Austin, Texas shortly after being sought in connection with a computer store robbery in a southern California establishment. Mr. DeVoy, an unemployed programmer began his harassment campaign after being terminated from Cycorp, Inc. due to lack of performance and excessive absenteeism. DeVoy was also suspected of stealing company secrets for possible sale to unknown foreign parties. After the firm became aware that Mr. DeVoy was involved in an anarchist movement responsible for domestic terrorist activities, his termination was hastened.

In addition to defamation charges, the Federal Probe will investigate Mr. DeVoy's bumper sticker sales and online merchandising campaign. According to the Internal Revenue Service records, Mr. DeVoy failed to report income coming from such sales as well as failing to provide a return policy for defective merchandise. One customer reported that upon requesting a refund for bumper stickers he did not receive, Mr. DeVoy blocked e-mail messages from the sender. The stickers reportedly faded within days of being placed on the bumper of the purchaser's vehicle. In other reports, Mr. DeVoy's stickers began to appear on police cruisers owned by the Cambridge Police Department. The campus authorities have reported incidences of being forced to remove them from vehicles and building facades as well.

Mr. DeVoy is known to be suffering from a mental condition known as Paranoid Personality Disorder, for which he takes medication and is required to see a therapist. The mental health facility which has been assigned to Mr. DeVoy has reported that he has failed to keep appointments.

Given Mr. DeVoy's criminal record as well as his inclusion in the Department of Homeland Security's list of potential domestic terrorists, it is possible that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will play the biggest role in the investigation.

American Post

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Stephen DeVoy Never Has Been Indicted for Any Crime
by Observer Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006 at 1:25 PM

More than two years have past since this libelous article was published. Not only has DeVoy not been indicted, but he has never been arrested, tried, or even questioned about any of the accusations published in the article. Time proves that Stephen DeVoy was the target of a deliberate cyber stalking harassment campaign.

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Mon Jul 11, 2005 13:39
Concerned Group of Activists


A group of us are trying to reach Stephen Devoy but his website is down and all other lines of communication have also been stopped.

We seriously wonder if he has been murdered by the Government because of a message that was sent below... and of course because he tried to fight them single-handedly regarding ELECTRO-MAGNETIC weapons.

They had to tread lightly and not cause too much of an uproar as everything he said was 100% TRUE apparently.

All the criminal government could do was send out a phony email from him to try to discredit him...

The post below is regarding Stephen DeVoy. Obviously this was posted by someone in the Bush administration... as the person is illiterate...

This persons 'fearless leader' WILL BE IMPEACHED shortly...
(hush, hush... don't let George know... he might O.D. on the antidepressents he's been shoving down his throat)

Anyway this is the POST REGARDING STEPHEN DEVOY that has us deeply worried!


..I hope you are feeling better..we will turn the power down on the impulse generator if you will just come outside and talk with us..SLOWLY approach the black Tahoe parked down the street..with your hands in sight at all times..when the agent in the passenger seat rolls down the window..say "I need to speak to Steve" will then be taken to an undisclosed location where Steve is waiting for you to join him..He is in a soundproof room lined with renyolds wrap..we have a tin foil helment in your size that will block all impulses into your brain..your mom is doing fine and likes her new room..she has adjusted well (as we're sure you will) to her new meds AND HAS AN UPBEAT OUTLOOK!! must get back to taking your vitamins..the agent in the Tahoe will have a fresh supply for you..Steve says "Hi"..Do not worry..everything will be fine..if you do not do as instructed your health will continue to deteriorate 10:04 pm tonight blink your light on the patio twice to let us know you are ready to relocate and be with Steve..DO NOT speak to anyone about our plans..we will know if you do.

I have found this later post, with his name; hopefully he is OK.

Ubiquitous NSA Telephone Call Logging: The Practical Significance
by Stephen DeVoy Friday, May. 12, 2006 at 7:52 PM

The significance of NSA spying.

Ubiquitous NSA Telephone Call Logging: The Practical Significance

Author: Stephen DeVoy

Recent revelations that the NSA is logging all telephone calls of all Americans, while blatantly illegally and outrageously anti-democratic, are far more significant than the media leads you to believe. These revelations are not really new. An earlier article made it clear that a defense contractor was being paid to build "a system to identify calling patterns between suspected terrorists." The new article states that the NSA "is using the data to analyze calling patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity." Since it has now been revealed that the goal is to log and database ALL telephone calls between Americans and analyze them to detect terrorist activity, we can conclude that the Bush Administration considers ALL Americans to be terrorists.

According to act"Administration propaganda network" Fox News, the Almighty Decider Bush declared, "Our intelligence ivities strictly target Al Qaeda and their known affiliates. Al Qaeda is our enemy and we want to know their plans." Bush is telling the truth. You see, there is no Al-Qaeda, at least not in reality. "Al-Qaeda" is just a term the Almighty Decider uses to signify everyone who opposes Him. As Bush Himself said, on November 6, 2001, "You are either with us or against us." Since "Us" means Bush, and since nearly 80% of the American population opposes Bush, 80% of the American population is "Al-Qaeda." That means that nearly every American IS IN FACT a member of "Al-Qaeda" (at least in Bush's fantasy world). Bush, therefore, is telling it like it is (to Him) when he says that the new NSA program is targeting Al-Qaeda only (read 80% of Americans). And why is it important to monitor this "Al-Qaeda"? Well, to protect the other 20% from the 80%. Who would that 20% be? Well, it appears to me that that 20% would be the kernel of his fascist state which, for the most part, is comprised of the ruling class and men with low IQ's (and yes, a few women who like men with low IQ's).

That said, lets get to what this really means. Bush is targeting everyone who disagrees with him. What could he possible gain by having a database of the relationships between each American and every other American as well as the relationships between each American and every business? You must keep in mind that Bush wants this information so that it can be used to protect the 20% of Americans who now rule over the other 80%. That means, he needs this information to keep 80% of the population from doing what they could easily do without some means of restraining them (e.g. overthrow the state, arrest all members of the corrupt regime, put the criminals on trial, etc).

How can one restrain 80% of the population by maintaining a database of all relationships (and face it, nearly all relationships are discernable through identifying who telephones whom)? Isn't it obvious? If you still can't guess, let me spell it out for you: BLACKMAIL, HARASSMENT, THREATS, INDUCEMENT OF LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT, DISINFORMATION and so on. Basically, all of the things that dictatorships do to keep the masses from overthrowing the elite. Indeed, all Bush and his STASI need do is make an example out of everyone who speaks up. In short shrift, no one will speak up. Many of us know first hand that the Bush Regime has interfered in our lives already using the aforementioned list of black deeds. I could name a long list of online writers who have already experienced these black deeds and I would be on that list.

What the Almighty Decider is doing is a direct and major threat to your liberty, your happiness, your future, and everything you value in life. Do not take it sitting down.

Stephen DeVoy's internet store is at:

So "cute" how the media ignores people as Stephen DeVoy, instead feeding us a fluff of things such as John Mark Karr. How about an interview by Larry King!

Is anyone in the government or the media looking out for the safety of blogs and of bloggers?


avles said...

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OpenCyc is a wide-ranging and increasingly comprehensive ontology that describes things and events in the world in logical terms that computers can reason about. Its purpose is to provide a shared vocabulary for Web applications, allowing them to automatically reason about, and integrate, the content of web sites and web services. The OpenCyc ontology and knowledge base goes beyond tag-sets, taxonomies, and other reference vocabularies, because it has been designed and extensively tested for use in automated reasoning. As Andraž Tori, CTO of Zemanta Ltd. sees it, "Common semantic vocabularies are the missing link for the semantic web. Blogs cover an incredible range of subjects, so meaning-based content integration using the huge OpenCyc ontology can provide an amazing user experience for bloggers and other content authors."


This is the way of the routine control, how they controls the search engines in order you avoid to find an object or you to discover what they want.

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