Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog and Blogger (Free Speech) Protection Programs?

So what is being done to protect blogs and bloggers?

Something is being done about protecting blog posts via such archives as the memoryhole. However, I have not yet found any such resource for breakyourchains or warblogging. Why should that be?

Does any government entity -- the Central Intelligence Agency? -- ensure that blogs and their accessibility are neither tampered with or stymied, in order to protect our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties?

What is the U.S. government doing to safeguard against U.S. Department of Homeland Security resources being used for political reasons? Is there a secure log of all internal commands? Is there such cross-surveillance as constant cameras on government computer operators, along key tap logs? Is this cross-linked amongst different government entities (and even a public channel to provide an level playing field for all private watchdogs)?

Does the FBI investigate bloggers on their behalf? For instance do they investigate threats and other incidents suggestive of organized efforts to intimidate bloggers? Have they developed an algorithm to identify such blogs most likely at risk, perhaps for addressing issues that are blacked out in the mainstream media?

With the traditional safeguard against the abuse of the system to silence dissent being a search warrant, why is the administration of U.S. President George Walker Bush so adamant about subjecting the general public to USHS searches without warrant?

Illustration from Info Wars

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