Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Illegal NSA Activity Targeting Political Dissidents?

Junk statute enforcement targets Dana Beal on his return drive to N.Y. after the end of his speaking tour, and within two days of the end of his parole- they walk the dogs around the car for 72/70 without any 20 questions routine upon a stop on I-80 in central Illinois
This week a newsstory quoted on the Instapundit blog revealed that a lot of these are actually originating from NSA intercepts, tipped to the DEA, which get passed on to State/local police with the understanding that there will NEVER be any mention of the source ….

Warning ticket for 72/70 and fictitious spot sign violation 
from questionable 'narcotics' stop of Douglas A. Willinger with Dana Beal upon return drive to New York following his 4 week speaking tour, two days prior to the end of Dana's parole,

Me, Douglas Willinger with Dana Beal 
appearing on stage at the Portland Oregon Hempfest, photo by Doug McVay

This occurred at about 11 pm, November 9, 2015 on eastbound I-80 in central Illinois in La Salle, near the interchange with north-south I-57.

We were both carrying cell phones while in a rented Camaro, and hence were easily traceable by the NSA.

Dana Beal and I are both long time drug policy reform activists.  Dana is especially known for his advocacy of the West African Iboga plant rootbark, and I am known for my criticism of the blanket prohibition of Coca-cocaine and the pharmaceutical-Tobacco influence over the major drug policy reform organizations as the Drug Policy Foundation- since 2000 as the Drug Policy Alliance.

AVOID central Illinois!

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