Monday, August 01, 2011

Internet Censorship Test

Last month I posted the following url article about the impeding real estate project -- "The Hampshires" by Comstock Homes -- to block the best route for inside the Beltway/Washington, D.C. I-95:

The article's purpose is to inform, not only the officials and the general public, but as well anyone considering buying into this ill advised real estate development project.

When I search via Google for that project by name, both the developers web site and my article about their project appears on the first page.

IF this project is built, and we end up with people buying into it unaware of the information within my article about this blocking the I-95 route, in this day and age of near universal use of the internet, particularly by anyone about to invest a substantial amount of money purchasing something, it will be apparent that we have internet CENSORING.

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