Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Right of Mobility

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Right to move about freely; at home and abroad..." ?

I was amazed to hear my daughter repeating these words. I looked at what she was reading from and it was right out of her school text book and was a list of freedoms supposedly covered by the First Amendmnet of the US Constitution. Why or how could she actually be taught this right now? We cannot move about freely at all. I am sick over what these incompetant people are having done at the airports. I will never fly under these conditions and I wish others wouldn't fly anymore either. How can you let people touch you or look under your clothes and search your personal belongings without batting an eye?

Recently a friend of mine travelled to Florida for vacation. She verbally protested the embarrassing search of her personal belongings. The airport "security" then began to make a public example of her. Cordening her off with her child as they both were violated by the hands of strangers on their bodies. This is nothing less than sexual assault. Yet America will not speak up. So why not think that Nazi Germany is upon us again? They "dusted" my friends child's hair for explosives. And it wasn't because they suspected them of being a terrorist. It was because they spoke up. Truly evil and wicked individuals. I pray all these people that oppress others in the name of "freedom" have all peace of mind (if they have any) removed from them by God Almighty.

I am almost too disgusted to write this because I can feel the injustice of having to go through this if I wanted to travel. Of course I wouldn't keep quiet either. This would then cause me to be blocked from getting on my flight. People actually do not even want to fly with someone like me. They think you're dangerous or even perhaps a terrorist yourself if you protest the assault on your privacy we must endure. Or maybe I would end up like like the Carol Ann Gotbaum who was murdered by airport security by being choked to death and left for dead in a small cell.

While these people are saying they are protecting me from "terrorists", who will protect me from them? I haven't seen a terrorist except the ones who are wearing badges eyeballing me and asking to look through my bags at any given time. To me these are the true terrorists. Can I help being offended at this intrusion? No I can't. I am just verbally expressing how I feel. I have the right to do that. Don't I? Only here though right? Only in this little forum I have here. But what happens if you go out and verbally protest? You become a target of harrassment and intimidation.

So this leads me again to the focus and cause of my work. Being that Religious Roman Catholics are in power in this government, who can I blame?

Don't forget the article from the Washington Post which spoke of President Bush's guidance of Roman Catholic thinkers under who's watch much of this oppressive legislation was passed. The article is called, "A Catholic Wind in the White House". This "Catholic wind" has blown away ALL of our precious civil liberties.

What's very strange is that when all this oppressive legislation like the Patriot Act was being passed I heard SOME voices protesting that it was dangerous legislation. But right now, in the face of 24 hour a day News coverage of all this crazy intrusive security I don't hear any public outcry of concern of the violation of our inherited rights to move about freely at home or abroad.

So while one child is learning about Freedoms under our constitution, another child is being "dusted" for explosives and held back, seperated from their mother and having bags checked by THUGS and being taught there is no US Consitution at all and that you have no freedom to move about or any privacy.

Maybe the answer lies in my above statement, "I pray all these people that oppress others in the name of "freedom" have all peace of mind (if they have any) removed from them by God Almighty." Maybe none of them have any peace and are terrified at nothing. Here's a few verses which decribe this feeling they have and WHY. "The wicked flee when no man pursueth:" (Proverbs 28:1) and "There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked." (Isaiah 48:22) Important verses to mediatate on. Do you line up?


avles said...

Another case? Or maybe Thomas Richards erased the post. I continue to see on your blogroll (CCR blog):

Spiritually Smart Catholi-Fascism
Spanish Lawmaker's Face Used for Bin Laden Image - (Jan. 16) -- A Spanish lawmaker says he wouldn't feel safe in the U.S. after the FBI used his photograph to create a digitally enhanced image of Osama bin La...
20 hours ago

It is a day that the is not refreshed even if there are other messages on the original blog:

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Venezuela's Chavez says he wants an 'exorcism'
by Martin Barillas


Friday, January 15, 2010
Bush said he saw "God" when he looked in the eyes of the Pope...
He also said "God" told him to attack Iraq...

Then the latest message on my Novo Ordo Seclorum continues to be "1 hour old" even if I posted it twenty hours ago....:

Novo Ordo Seclorum
Rat-lines - 1 - The Triangle of Virgo - conclusion If you were disturbed to see the perfect geometrical figures built with the location of sacred Romanist temple, Masonic ...
1 hour ago

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Sadly, Thomas keeps his original web site blocked.

Why might that be?

avles said...

Till the opposite will be proved, I trust the credibility of Thomas Richards. I smell Jesuit pshychological pressure on him....

avles said...

Its like in that Italian forum-site that now is engaged to present the activity of the Roman Catholic Ustasha as fruit of the Communist propaganda. They work always in group. You don't know but they are secretly agreeing. Usual tactic "apparently enemies- secretly friend". With Thomas it could be involved something similar.

avles said...

Yes I continue to read that site. It is very interesting to see one of the users (probably in secret agreement with the boss of it) to defend the administrator for the intense work of exposition of 911 (blaming of course American & Jews). At the same time he defend the innocence of the church of Rome in the slaughter of the Serbs in the Balkans! More evident than this,.....

avles said...

For example the comments to the message:

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Caetani papal bloodline, the Red Brigades, the Hyperion, the SMOMs, the murder of Aldo Moro, the......the.....

where the user, after having attacked Craig and Oxley, 'repented' of the attack. Of course only after I expressed my opinion on them.....

avles said...

Do you want to hear another one?

I was strongly searching on the web material about anti-Jewish Prussian dailies of the middle XIX cent.

Journalist which were starting to spin the usual "Jewish plot" in the head of Prussians were accustomed with Bismarck.

So I started to deepen and I started to see in the life and studies of the religioius teachers of one of those journaloists.

The 'spiritual' guide of him was among the founder of the Prussian "Born Again" movememnt.

I continued and arrived to the Pietismus.

Pietismus tried to REFORM the Reformation.

The founder of the Pietismus was student of a former JESUIT who 'converted' to Protestantism and was called THE SECOND CALVIN.....

Well, this is the part related to the research. Ok, suddenly nothing was working. Practically the line (ADSL) was cutted off. Well, why am I writing this after some minute? Isn't working the line?

I simply called the provider and then.....PUFF!!! For a magic event all started to work! ........

Follow the red thread of the PIETISM-Prussian BORN AGAIN etc.

All those characters are swarming around WEST, SOUTH WEST germany.... Near STRASBOURG and SWITZERLAND....

Douglas A. Willinger said...

I just googled pietism and got a German language page.

When I put it through a translator, the earlier part comes in English, but he later part with the Bismarck time period is still in German.

Thanks for the tip- I will look further into this.

A related matter is the anti German slant of the English language press, particularly the early W Ledochowski as Black Pope years; and the pro 3rd Reich slant of the 1930s.

avles said...

After I sent the last answer to that strange sequence of questions it started again the usual sequence of spam-comments to my blogs.... maybe they are related.
Now I received even a message from The Unhived Mind! It is clear I will not answer to it! They know my blog and if someone wants to ask me something... It has only to send it to my blog! END.

As regard "pietism"..... I'll put something on T.A.P. blog.

Jesuit Cyber War is going on!

(Ever save the Wikipedia pages! they upgrade them and maybe important information could be disappear!)

avles said...

when I opened again blogger, some minutes ago, I found it still logged. I am very careful when I end a session. Maybe this I didn't unlog but ....

I think they have stolen my password and probably they were in my blog, to manipulate it.

"why you don't change password?" you would ask to me...

Simple: I can't trust no more blogger. After the last time, two years ago, when they blocked my blog just as I was improving it following their insturctions, I believe now that if I would change password I simply will lose any capability to use the blogs.

Technical anomalies are only the hypocrite disguise for the Counter Reformation Inquisition.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

I would not totally trust any of these services, and do not trust the future post feature (which never works for me anyway), as anything uploaded but not publisheded can be viewed by minions ofthe apostate within intelligence.

Did you see this post of mine regarding the controlled 'muckracker' Neil DeMause of 'Fields of SChemes"?

DeMause is a fake who sucks up to Rome, who contacted me in Sept 2004 in response to my newsnet postings about apostate (nationals ballpark stadium) stadium in DC, and feined interest in publishing the story only to never do so.

Do see the months archives which that article appears:

This whole South Capitol Mall issie is really an eyeopener to the extent of Rome's subversion of society, particularly revealing of the phony 'environmentalist' organizations.

avles said...

As you can see also my blogs are followed with attention by the Jesuit criminality.

On 9th and 10th Feb I sent messages in TAP and VCB blogs involving the historical figure of Leo XIII as the pope of the false suicide of Mayerling (attempt to put enmity between Catholic Austria and Protestant Prussia) and as the pope which turned the old policy with a new way of diplomacy, more open to keen alliance in the world. See the effects: >> Mieczyslaw Ledo, uncle of Wlad "the 26th Impalator of Heretics" Ledochowsky, working in exile with the Vatican commission to establish a concordat with Serbia.

Well, the day 11th you see on Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit a message about the beatification of one of the 40 criminal Jesuits executed by British Justice by Leo XIII


Thursday, February 11, 2010
The Ropes

Edmund Campion was beatified by Pope Leo XIII on December 9, 1886.[1] Blessed Edmund Campion was canonized nearly eighty-four years later in 1970 by Pope Paul VI as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales with a common feast day of October 25. His feast day is celebrated on December 1, the day of his martyrdom.

The actual ropes used in his execution are now kept in glass display tubes at Stonyhurst College in Lancashire; each year they are placed on the altar of St Peter's Church for Mass to celebrate Campion's feast day - which is always a holiday for the school.[2]

Its so full of significance that meanwhile in that Italian site, with the begin of January started efforts to expose the church of Rome in her crimes in the Balkans, I received spam-comments. And it is equally full of significance that among many Italians just one from Venice - 100 miles from my home - is filling with his presennce TUM forum and EJP mail....
03rd Dec : "little Concordat" Russia/Vatican
29th Jan : important step for the re-unification Oriental churches/church of Rome.

And then Leo XIII.

avles said...

"If you can fight 'em, join 'em".

Probably it is due to my blogs and to the advertisement I did of other sources about Vatican & Jesuits, especially yours, that they putted in action the above strategy.
That Massimo Mazzucco, agent of the pope, who did meetings about 911 in parish church (unfortunately I wasn't able to trace again the announce of this meeting), now is engaged to expose the Italian Fascist and VATICAN crimes in the Balkans, is not a surprise to me. To get such information - just give a look at this book in English: means you are not an "ordinary avles", but you are well backed by someone.

So the strategy is: imitate the enemy to kill. To get confusion is the art N. 1 of Jesuits. Remember that that man (son of Italian member of Tito's army) who told me about the eyes in the coffer of Ustasha, then told me about his "two Jesuits friends"......

What interest the most is to see on how a certain Venetian presence started to circle in official anti-Jesuit media. Venetia means 100 miles from my home. Ergo probably confidential information on my person is freely running also in some circles which pretend to be very "anti-Jesuits" and friend of Venice.,....,
Then strange comments, strange followers of my blogs (NOT the ones openly Jesuit ...), and at the end, the agent of the pope Mazzucco who transforms himself in an "enemy of the Vatican".

I see coordination, from both parts of the Ocean, now that Rome has the claws on the Schismatic plunder, she is very careful to not perform wrong steps... So it is better to built a preventive "deadly anti-Vatican enemy", before to see the spontaneous birth of a TRUE, genuine one.... Have you present Juliet & Romeo, the fake death of Juliet (or Romeo, I don't remember exactly now). Equal. But instead to use poison, here we have plastic ponjards.... A coreographed stab, some tomato, and meanwhile you go away thinking to have killed the Jesuit Dracula, the fake dead arises again, with a true ponjard.....

Never forget, Doug, they are studying us and what we wrote and think, the Snake of Rome is specialized to change skin, Rome and her infinite false enemy and opportunistic heretics, was always able to wear the skin of the true enemy....

avles said...

Interesting pics about Spanish civil war & Balkans in the papal site of Mazzucco. Of course now that they bought the former Schismatic cattle of the Balkan with a bunch of doblons, now they can also sell pieces of the past truth – its not a coincidence that the first thread on the Vatican Ustasha started on 18th January, and at the beginning of February (the same day of "Charitable Piranas etc." message), in Verona there was an important international meeting about the support to the Balkan economy, with the same minister the day before received the Republika Srpska premier Tadic.... Evidently also Massimo Mazzucco and his threads are part of the marketing done by the Exportation Department of the Italian government – (with the assistance of the intelligence?). And the Exportation Deparytment of It. Govts is the economic hand to purchase dismissed Schismatic cattle for the Vatican Roman Catholic Democratic Despotiosm in Europe:

(the Auschwitz of the Vatican)

(Yeah, the "Auschwitz of the Vatican",....= the true Auschwitz was of the ...Protestants. Clear the allusion of the title? And then if the Auschwitz of Protestant is a fake, it implies that also the Catholic Auschwitz/Jasenovac is a fake
What did I say time ago? Jesuits and Vatican have abundant material about the involvemenr of (renegade) Protestants in the Holocaust. When they pushed their puppet traitor Protestant to swear in the middle of swastikas in front of Frauenkirche in Dresden they knew well the use of that after seventy years....).