Sunday, January 18, 2009

Criminal Police Disable Video

As happened with the criminal commonwealth of Virginia's criminal assault upon me in 2006, police in Prince Georges County Maryland cover up their criminal behavior by disabling the police video- even as the US Supreme Court excuses police 'blunders' designed to subvert the Constitution.

From the The Agitator:

Did the Cameras Go on Strike?

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

A jury has found that officers with the Prince George’s County, Maryland (where else?) police department used excessive force when they apprehended and arrested a TV reporter who was investigating possible improper use of public resources. I don’t know the much about the case other than what’s in the article, and from the article, it sound like the jury got it right–too much force, though the decision to puller her over may not have been out of bounds.

But it’s the last sentence of the article I found particularly interesting:

In all, nine police cars from Prince George’s and Cheverly responded. Although most of the squad cars were equipped with video cameras, police said none of them were working that day, Pavsner said.

So “most” squad cars in PG County have video cameras. Yet at the scene of a controversial arrest, with nine cars at the scene, not a single squad car camera was “working that day?”

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