Saturday, March 08, 2008

Further Empowering Criminal Apostate Shadow Government

From Truthseeker 24

Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Ellen Nakashima from the Washington Post at March 6, 2008 reported on a new federal government plan. This plan revolves around several thousand law enforcement agencies creating a foundation of domestic intelligence system via computer networks. As a result, it will analyze tons of information to "fight crime" and get rid of terror plots. They want to merge information into data warehouses. The government hopes that this network will be part of a fledgling Justice Department system called the National Data Exchange, or N-DEx. Even now, advanced systems exist called Coplink. Coplink is a commercial data mining system invovling about 1,600 law enforcement agencies. Coplink can find nicknames, height, wieght, color of hair, etc. of certain people in a matter of seconds. What's the purpose of this. Thomas McNamara, chief of the federal Information Sharing Environment office, said he wants regional systems to share information. This is of course the truth. This is about the integration of systems into a centralized database (i.e. Much of the advanced Big Brother are controlled and integrated into the Pentagon and its DARPA-like systems facilitating the military industrial complex). Some like Thomas may claim it doesn't infringe on our privacy, but our privacy is infringed all of the time with cameras everywhere, the Real ID Act, free speech zones, RFID chips in our vehicles and even our clothes, etc.

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