Friday, October 26, 2007

TelCon Treason: Motorola to Hire Retiring DEA Head Karen Tandy

Considering a Motorola cell phone? Then consider the following:

From Stop the Drug War:

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy announced her resignation today, marking her 4-year tenure with another trademark Tandyism:

"It just doesn't get any better than this," Tandy said in a statement about her time at DEA. [Washington Post]

Well, at least somebody had a good time. Now Tandy is moving into the telecom industry:

Tandy told employees she was leaving to take a job as a senior vice president of Motorola, DEA spokesman Garrison Courtney said. Motorola is a leading sponsor of a DEA traveling museum exhibit about global drug trafficking and terrorism…

Did you guys hear that? Motorola is a major private funder of insidious drug war propaganda and decorates its highest offices with exhausted anti-drug soldiers. Let's all make a mental note of how socially conscious this company is.

And let's all note her likely work in assisting the government with criminal wire-taping of telecommunications, given her background at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (in market protection for pharmaceuticals, alcohol and Tobacco- a scheme that betrays the public health by manufacturing its own justification by shifting markets from safer plants to far, far, far more dangerous concentrated refined substances).

Add Motorola to the boycott against Verizon and other telcon traitors.

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