Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bush's Mysterious Sway Over the U.S. Congress

This August 5, one year after my criminal targeting by USHS, US President Bush officially signed into law new legislation legalizing warrant less wiretapping of dissidents.

The U.S. Congress provides this opportunity by voting 227 to 183 to approve this legislation.

U.S. President Bush White House announcement

Washington Post article:
Senate Votes To Expand Warrantless Surveillance
The Senate bowed to White House pressure last night and passed a Republican plan for overhauling the federal government's terrorist surveillance laws, approving changes that would temporarily give U.S. spy agencies expanded power to eavesdrop on foreign suspects without a court order.
(By Joby Warrick and Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post)

New York Times article:

Bush Signs Law to Widen Legal Reach for Wiretapping
People familiar with the law said that it provided a legal framework for much of the surveillance without warrants that was being conducted in secret.

Bush Signs Law to Widen Reach for Wiretapping

While such warrant less surveillance is framed in the context of suspected "terrorists" and of involving only communications with a least one foreign participant, nothing is said about oversight to guard against its abuse to stifle/discourage peaceful dissent.

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