Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Standing for ACLU NSA Suit

In the wake of the court's denial of the U.S. National Security Agency surveillance law suit, due to a lack of "standing", I have contacted the ACLU about my situation. I got a reply:
Acknowledge: Standing for Spying Suit (Ticket# LTK69016040512X)
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Thank you for contacting the ACLU.

Your comments and questions are very important to us and a representative will respond to your query as soon as possible.


> Dear ACLU:

> I was illegally targeted by law enforcement last year as revenge for my internet writings.

> Please see my blogs

> Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security

> and

> South Capitol Street Frederick Douglas Mall

> Douglas Willinger

Then later that same day, I received a second message from the ACLU:
RE: Standing for Spying Suit (LTK69016040512X)
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Dear Mr. Willinger,

Thank you for contacting the ACLU.

State affiliates of the ACLU handle requests for legal assistance; lobby the state legislatures, and host public forums throughout the year. Your state affiliate is therefore best equipped to handle your concerns.

To find the contact information for your ACLU affiliate office; please visit http://www.aclu.org/ and select your state from the "Your Local ACLU" menu at the bottom of the page.

Please also consider becoming a member of the ACLU. To join, please visit http://www.aclu.org/contribute/contribute.cfm or call 1-888-567-ACLU.

D. Barber
Correspondence Manager, American Civil Liberties Union

======= Subject: Standing for Spying Suit Dear ACLU:
I have since contacted the local NY chapter, and await a response.

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