Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Evidence of Lamestream Media Conspiracy to Ignore Ron Paul

Such a degree of coordination amongst the lamesteam media reminds me of how they ignored the desecration of the Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. that I dared to write about.

The following is from http://www.stateofbrain.com/ronpaul.php
Mainstream Media - Crime In Progress

The 2008 elections for the President of the United States of America is fast approaching. One of the greatest countries in the world is going to elect their leader. However, three news agencies are interfering with this election by deceiving their viewers ever so lightly. It is nothing short of a crime though for a news agency to purposely deny coverage to a presidential candidate based on the networks' agenda. They should report a United States Presidential Election fairly and without bias. The following photos and descriptions are evidence of how Republican candidate Ron Paul has been censored by three large online news providers.

Guilty Party #1 - MSNBC.com - via: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18421356

Take a look at the image. Why would MSNBC.com not link to Ron Paul's profile in the bottom right hand box labeled "Picking the Presidents". He does have the highest approval rating at 40% on their own poll. Instead they write zero articles about him and declare Romney the Conservative's choice. You sure that wasn't your choice MSNBC?

Guilty Party #2 - Yahoo.com - via: http://news.yahoo.com/fc/US/Presidential_Election_2008

Yahoo.com just flat out lies here. First, they call their election section "Full Coverage" and then provide you a link to see "All Republican Candidates". The second photo shows this page, except once again there are no links to Ron Paul's web profile to be found. He didn't make Yahoo's top six that they pulled out of thin air and he isn't in the pull down tabs in the sidebar either. Nice "Full Coverage" Yahoo.

Guilty Party #3 - ABCnews.com - via: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/BeSeenBeHeard/popup?id=3135373 (This poll now includes Ron Paul)

ABCnews.com decided that they would have a poll as well, they just happened to leave one guy out of their poll. Any guesses...?

People realized Ron Paul was missing, and contacted ABC via email and phone. The poll was left sans Ron Paul for over 36 hours after the debate despite email and complaints in that time period. The screenshot was taken May 5th and they finally fixed the poll later that evening.

I personally called MSNBC.com and talked to a website news employee who knew the status of the situation. I asked if he would put Ron Paul in the poll so I could vote for him and I quote his response, he said "We'll see." What are you going to do, debate if you should include him? MSNBC also decided to delete the comments asking why he was not included in their comments sections. Way to censor not only Ron Paul, but your registered users as well.

News agencies, your job is to report the news, not decide the news. Ask yourself, is this kind of reporting fair and trustworthy?

It is so fitting that in the debate Ron Paul was asked if he trusts the mainstream media and he responded "I trust the internet a lot more..." I don't think I could of said it better myself.


Lord Chimmy said...

I also like how ABCnews tried to marginalize Ron Paul by saying his supporters have mastered the art of "viral marketing."

What? Are we to assume that other GOP candidates don't have internet access? The media is such a shill.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

The media is bought and paid for by a an elitist collective, top down shadow government.

That's the conclusion I came to last year with what happened to me.