Monday, March 26, 2007

Bush-Gonzales Letters to the Editor

From The New York Times:

To the editor:

Re “The Failed Attorney General” (editorial, March 11)

Thank you for yet another superb editorial about the Bush imperial presidency. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales is worthy of your criticism. Though I heartily applaud your recent series of editorials along those lines, they somehow remind me of artillery fire that has not yet found its proper target.

Explosions all around, but none hit the target.

The target is the USA PATRIOT Act and its cousin, the Military Commissions Act. They are the foundations and hallmark of this imperial presidency. He repeal mechanism serves an important purpose in our system of government, and both these laws should be repealed forthwith.

Richard Sinnott
Fort Pierce, Fla., March 11, 2007

To the editor:

One question has to be answered in order to replace Alberto R. Gonzales as attorney general: does the president know of any truly qualified candidates for attorney general who do not come from his group of enablers?

I, for one, have great misgivings about the answer, and personally doubt that it will be addressed soon.

If the president does nothing about this crisis, Congress must. We cannot afford any more erosion of our civil liberties or the Constitution.

Frances M. Hilton
Norway, Me., March 11, 2007

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