Friday, December 22, 2006

The Electronic Confessional

Long Term Tracking

Data Collection and Consolidation

Any camera you went by on all modes of transportation (facial recognition or license plate reader) that is entered into a long term data base, but which is not available for viewing on a real time network)

Any credit card or debit card transaction.

Any bank account statement

Any phone call, voice mail.

Internet Surfing and Transactions



Search engine requests

Library Visits and requests

Office building visits

All with the incentive to look for economic activity in order to increase IRS tax intake to fund USHS expansion (it will be at 1 monitor per 1,200 people with 250,000 over a population of 300,000 million), along with further expansions of the government’s various wars.

Think about the potential ramifications of such technologies being developed...

...especially for those born into this age.

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